Best Punk Split LP's and EP's

Two bands sharing an EP or LP. Some of these bands are more Crustcore and Grindcore Punk bands.

The Top Ten

1 The S**t Split - Filth/Blatz
2 Please Pardon Our Noise, it is the Sound of Freedom - The Rejectors/The Accused
3 Live at Raul's Club - Big Boys/Dicks
4 Faith/Void Split - The Faith/Void

Not a big fan of The Faith. The Void side is killer. - THC13

5 Making a Killing - Chaos UK/Raw Noise
6 Peter Pan Speedrock/Zeke Split - Peter Pan Speedrock/Zeke
7 Infest/Pissed Happy Children Split EP - Infest/Pissed Happy Children
8 Bleeding Rectum/Man is the Bastard - Bleeding Rectum/Man is the Bastard

Bleeding Rectum has some pretty good stuff. Too bad they didn't put out that much music. - THC13

9 Liberty Gone - M.D.C./Capitalist Casualties
10 Radioactive Earslaughter - Extreme Noise Terror/Chaos UK
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