Best Punk Rock Bands Starting With the Letter A

The Top Ten
1 Anti-Flag Anti-Flag is an American punk rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. The band is well known for politically charged lyrics and activism, focusing on anti-war activism, anti-imperialism, class struggle, human rights, and various sociopolitical sentiments.
2 Agent Orange Agent Orange is an American punk rock band formed in Placentia, California in 1979. The band was one of the first to mix punk rock with surf music.
3 All
4 Agnostic Front Agnostic Front is an American hardcore punk band, pioneer of the crossover thrash genre, formed in 1980. The band began playing hardcore punk similar to their contemporaries, and were thrust to the forefront of the burgeoning New York hardcore scene in the mid-1980s with their widely regarded 1984 classic more.

Their early stuff was pretty good Hardcore. They suck nowadays

6 Amebix
7 Agent 51
8 Against All Authority
9 Adolescents
10 Antidote
The Contenders
11 Angry Samoans The Angry Samoans are an American punk rock band from the first wave of American punk, formed in August 1978 in Los Angeles.
12 Adrenalin O.D.
13 Avengers
14 Adverts
15 Angelic Upstarts
16 Anti-Nowhere League
17 Articles of Faith
18 Aheads
19 Abrasive Wheels
20 Argy Bargy
21 Aus-Rotten
22 Antischism
23 Anti-Pasti
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