Top Ten Puns Involving Michael Jackson Song Titles

The Top Ten

1 Did you know about the serial ransomware creator? I guess you can say "What a smooth criminal.".

Haha! That's hilarious. - PandaMan

2 I guess The Thing was pretty thrilling through.
3 Got fears of dogs? Just beat it.

Wow man, that's pretty messed up. - PositronWildhawk

Well, I meant to say "beat the fear of dogs", not making fun of anyone and anything. - BorisRule

4 Keep partying, don't stop till you get enough of having fun.
5 Article 13 takes our freedom. Don't they care about us?

I kinda messed up at this one. - BorisRule

6 We've got a Beautiful Girl, not only that, but she's Bad and Dangerous.
7 Ever heard of Ajit Pai? He's the new D.S, a cold man.
8 Well, it's a human nature, but if you think it's out of control, you're not alone.
9 Most views of the 2016 politics are nothing like black or white.
10 The gangsters wanna be startin' somethin' about police brutality.

The Contenders

11 I'm About to Be a Man in Mirror, Beat It with Your Billie Jean

You rang, m8 - BorisRule

12 What a Jam to Music
13 All These Songs Made Me Scream
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