Top 10 Puns, Jokes and Wordplays in Undertale


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1 Snowdecahedron
2 Sans & Papyrus (Fonts)
3 Alphys (shy pal)
4 WD (Wing Dings) Gaster
5 (Terezi) Pyrope
6 Hotland (Holland)
7 "What does a skeleton decorate his roof with? SHIN-gles!"
8 "I've gotten a ton of work done today...a SKELE-ton!"
9 "Put a little more BACKBONE into it!"
10 "Why did the skeleton want a friend? Because he was feeling BONELY!"

The Contenders

11 "You never gained any LOVE, but you gained love."
12 Snowdrake is pleased with its "cool" joke.
13 Sansational
14 "You can feel your SANS crawling on your back."
15 Delta Rune (Undertale)
16 Asriel Dreemurr (Serial Murderer)
17 Asgore Dreemurr (Sage Or Murderer)
18 Undyne (Undying)
19 Toriel (Tutorial)
20 Undyne (Undine)
21 Tsunderplane (Tsundere Airplane)
22 "You really like hot animals, don't you, kid?"
23 (Little Miss) Muffet
24 Mettaton (Metatron)
25 GRILLby
26 EnDOGeny
27 Everyman for himself
28 Greater and Lesser God-spelled-backwards
29 Snowdin (Snowed In)
30 Literal Crab Apples
31 Snowed Inn (Snowdin)
32 DeTEMMIEnation
33 Napstablook (Napster Bloke)
34 Bratty and Catty, the Alley Cat and Alley Gator of the game
35 Glamburger (Hamburger)
36 Legendary Hero (as in the classic restaurant sandwich type)
37 Endogeny, the monstrous lab within a lab within a lab
38 CHARActer
39 FRISKy Business
40 Under (Cave) Tale (Story)
41 Undertail
42 MOMeranian
43 "The souls of monsters are vastly weaker than those of humans! The soles of our SHOES, on the other hand...are about the same!"
44 Snowdrake (Snowflake)
45 Madjick (Magic)
46 Knight Knight (Night Night)
47 FROGgit
48 Gerson (Person)
49 BONE-r
50 Dr. GASTer (Gast from FFVII)
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1. Snowdecahedron
2. Sans & Papyrus (Fonts)
3. Alphys (shy pal)


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