Best Pure Death Metal Albums

No Technical/Progressive, Melodic stuff, just Pure Death Metal Albums.

The Top Ten

1 Altars of Madness - Morbid Angel
2 Scream Bloody Gore - Death

Started it all (Seven Churches was mixed with Thrash and that's obvious), best "death growls" in any metal albums, listen to zombie ritual, denial of life and evil dead and enjoy the darkness. - GREYBOYY

The first death metal albums seven churches was sooo thrash metal
this is where it starts

3 Tomb of the Mutilated - Cannibal Corpse
4 Slowly We Rot - Obituary

Obituary proved that Death Metal is not always about speed and it can be slow but with dark and terrifying death growls but still awesome. - GREYBOYY

5 Human - Death
6 All Guts, No Glory - Exhumed

Kickass drms, high pitched screaming and breaknecking speed, interesting lyrics (gore lyrics that contain social issues, politics, relationships). - GREYBOYY

7 Cause of Death - Obituary

I'm beginning to get annoyed at the fact that people up top think death is the only death metal contribution to such a perfect genre. However... If you play this album out loud, you can hear the would of a thousand she metalheads simultaneously wetting themselves.

One of the best death metal albums, this should be in the top ten.

8 Severed Survival - Autopsy
9 Leprosy - Death

Love this is one, but it's very difficult to pick one favorite.

10 Spiritual Healing - Death

This is the most pure death metal album from Death, also their best album.
This should be one.

It s more pure death than any other beasides Leprosy, it s my least favourite but still one of the best albums in death metal, only Spiritual Healing Leprosy and SBG are pure death - Deako

The Contenders

11 Deicide - Deicide
12 Symbolic - Death
13 Left Hand Path - Entombed

One of the best extreme metal albums ever. - Caleb9000

top 5

14 Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious - Carcass

Some people call this album Grindcore but that's not true, it's Death Metal. - GREYBOYY

Defines the soundsoundeath metalf death

15 Death the Brutal Way - Asphyx

One of my favorites death metal albums.

16 Incoming Death - Asphyx

My favorite Asphyx album.

17 Scrolls of the Megilloth - Mortification

Pleasantly surprised to see this album here. SO underrated. good to see one of the few actually awesome christian metal bands get respect

18 Iniquitous - Rottrevore
19 Slumber of Sullen Eyes - Demigod
20 An Anatomy of the Beast - Intestine Baalism
21 Haunted - Six Feet Under
22 Nightmares Made Flesh - Bloodbath


23 To Mega Therion - Celtic Frost
24 Sound of Perseverance - Death

I don't know exactly which genre this belongs to, but its definitely not pure death metal.

This album is epic - Sabbath

It is epic but this is a list of "Pure Death Metal albums", it means no Technical Death Metal or Melodic Death Metal albums. - GREYBOYY

25 Like an Ever Flowing Stream - Dismember
26 Psychostasia - Adramelech
27 Forced Into Atrocities - Deadly Spawn
28 Dechristianize - Vital Remains
29 Testimony of the Ancients - Pestilence
30 Resurrection Through Carnage - Bloodbath
31 Seven Churches - Possessed
32 The Rack - Asphyx
33 Deathhammer - Asphyx
34 Mental Funeral - Autopsy
35 The Bleeding - Cannibal Corpse
36 Dawn of Possession - Immolation
37 Awakening the Liar - Hate
38 Close to a World Below - Immolation
39 Last One on Earth - Asphyx
40 Covenant - Morbid Angel

I'm shocked how far down the list this orgasmic piece of perfection is. This album is so flawless it should be a crime!.

41 Those Once Loyal - Bolt Thrower
42 Clandestine - Entombed

Why the hell is this so low on the list. I prefer this over left hand path!.

43 Deicide - Legion
44 Once Upon the Cross - Deicide
45 Dark Recollections - Carnage
46 Transcend the Rubicon - Benediction
47 Screams of Anguish - Brutality
48 World Without God - Convulse
49 Considered Dead - Gorguts
50 The Erosion of Sanity - Gorguts
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