Top 10 Purple or Violet Fruits and Vegetables

Purple and Violet are rare colors for fruits and vegetables. Which makes them look interesting and unique.
But most importantly, purple vegetables and fruits contain pigments called anthocyanins regarded for their anti-inflammatory activity and strengthening the immune system.

The Top Ten

1 Eggplant / Aubergine Eggplant / Aubergine

Not all of them are dark purple like the ones in the image - they are often brighter purple - Metal_Treasure

They are delicous! - darthvadern

2 Purple Potato Purple Potato

Well, you learn something new everyday I suppose - darthvadern

I better try these! Are they nice? - DaringXx

3 Purple Carrot Purple Carrot
4 Purple Cauliflower Purple Cauliflower
5 Figs Figs
6 Radish Radish

They're bitter - darthvadern

7 Plums Plums
8 Beets Beets
9 Red Onion Red Onion

It's actually purple inside - Metal_Treasure

10 Red Spinach Red Spinach

Red Spinach is more purple than Purple Carrot, haha - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Akebi Akebi
12 Red Cabbage Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage is definitely purple, haha - Metal_Treasure

13 Purple Garlic Purple Garlic
14 Mangosteen Mangosteen

I haven't tasted but I remember seeing them in my lithuanian picture book and they always looked so delicous! And I finally found out what they're called in english - darthvadern

15 Purple Asparagus Purple Asparagus
16 Purple Rice (Forbidden Rice, Royalty Rice) Purple Rice (Forbidden Rice, Royalty Rice)
17 New Red Fire Lettuce New Red Fire Lettuce
18 Purple Sweet Potatoes Purple Sweet Potatoes
19 Burgundy Boston Butterhead Burgundy Boston Butterhead
20 Purple Peruvian Potato Purple Peruvian Potato
21 Purple Olives
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