Top Puzzle Games for Android

Here is the list of top 10 puzzle games which you just cannot stop playing.

The Top Ten

1 Flow Free

First Game I Install On This Phone Ah... Memories - Stevenpenguin

A pleasant view of the senses and a colourful way to get your brain juices flowing. Free flow lets you browse through hundreds of levels connecting dots and colours. Addiction level: 8/10

2 Candy Crush Saga

The game that has everyone going nuts over invitations. People going bonkers for the next level. Join the same kind of candy and finish the level! A simple concept but one that catches on pretty quick! Addiction level: 7.5/10

Supposed to be addicting is right. King take advantage of how your brain works with its lives and microtransactions when you really want to play on. This game is a cancer and I hate it with a burning passion just like the company King who puts no effort in their games and would rather just rip off other games and clog it with microtransactions. F the company King. - Cazaam

3 Word Search

A game that tests your vocabulary and power of sight at its peak. Endless game play and a great way to enhance on your general knowledge skills while killing time. Addiction level: 6.5/10

4 2048

A simple addition game that lets you add numbers to get to 2048! Easier said than done! Addictive and simple gameplay. A helpful time pass! Addiction level: 8/10

5 Maze King

A simple yet challenging maze game that engages you to show the beetle its way through the maze! Heavy on ads but simple game play! Addiction level: 6/10

6 Unblock Me

An array of wooden blocks that test you mind in a playful way that addicts you to continue no matter what you need to do! Far from a mindless gameplay Unblock Me gives you the satisfaction of problem solving! Addiction level: 6/10

7 Where’s My Water
8 Monument Valley
9 Christmas Gifts Flood

A colour collection of dots to addict the player till the end! The game lets you match colours till the whole screen is one colour and to add fuel to fire the player has a certain number of moves to complete a level. Addiction level: 8.5/10

Awesome game just love it.

10 Mahjong Solitaire Epic

A Chinese feel and old Chinese characters, challenging your power of sight! Join same patterns to finish the game! Over 600 boards to play from and endless combinations to stare at for hours. Addiction level: 5/10

The Contenders

11 Marble Legend

Marble Legend is a brand new and amazing zuma-style game! For the legendary treasure, you have to survive over six secret scenes in this puzzle adventure! Addiction level: 5.5/10


A minimalistic, beautifully designed visual puzzle game designed for the Pure Android experience. With over 360 puzzles spread over 30 chapters, this game is sure to pull you in. Best played with friends and family together. You will rediscover the delight and joy in solving puzzles together - huddled around a small screen for hours together with mesmerizing music. - buba_rock

13 4 Pics 1 Word
14 Pop N' Blast

Pop N' Blast is defintly worth mentioning in this list.
It has more than 1500 challenging levels!

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