Top Ten PVP Fighters in Mineplex Freeplay Survival

This is only for the server called mineplex freeplay survival.

The Top Ten

1 Vikkstar123HD V 1 Comment
2 Skydoesminecraft

He's ok, because he goes insane to kill anything, eg: a zombie.
but he doesn't let anybody knock him out.
When he's about to lose, he goes INSANE and just is a maniac to the attacker. - Chiragisepic

3 1st Guy V 1 Comment
4 DanTDM V 1 Comment
5 Ssundee

Trust me, he's good in PvP. Very good...

But I don't think he played in mineplex before...
That's just my opinion. Maybe he did but I didn't know.

6 3rd Guy

As a diamond member in the 6ers, now seveners, He takes job in brewing and enchanting, but he's a bit good at pvp. - Chiragisepic

7 2nd Guy

Was supposed to be constructor/builder, but he fights armies well, unlike 1st Guy. - Chiragisepic

8 TheCyaNideEpic V 1 Comment
9 Pinksheep

This dude is'nt good in arena fights, but if it's something like skywars, he's good. - Chiragisepic

10 ExplodingTNT

He is very strategical, but he uses bad enchantments. - Chiragisepic

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