Top Ten Best Pvris Songs

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1 St. Patrick

Lynn's vocals are amazing in this!

2 White Noise

This should totally be first!

3 My House

This is probably their best song its nice and upbeat and I just like it - lollipopper135

4 Fire


5 Holy
6 Ghosts
7 Smoke
8 Let Them In

I love how it changes from slow to upbeat and its just an amazing song which shows off just how amazing Lynn's vocals are

9 Mirrors
10 Eyelids

The best song on the album. gives me shivers evertime

The Contenders

11 What's Wrong
12 You and I
13 Half
14 Mind Over Matter

One of the band's more underrated and well known tracks. It is such a beautiful song, and the way Lyndsey's vocals perfectly fit over the acoustic guitar makes this song have a different (yet equally amazing) feel than the songs on "White Noise". This is one of the songs that made me fall in love with this band and it will remain one of my favorite all time songs for a very long time.

Absolutely beautiful- a must listen

15 Only Love

"I'm hoping you weren't heaven sent cause only hell knows where you've been..." awesome lyric

16 Anyone Else
17 Waking Up
18 The Heartless
19 Demon Limbs
20 Gemini
21 Empty
22 Chandelier
23 Heaven

One of their new tracks, and this one has really won me over. It's haunting and atmospheric, plus with great vocals once again from Lynn Gunn. - SuperSonic17

24 Walk Alone
25 No Mercy
26 Nola 1
27 Separate
28 Winter
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1. Fire
2. St. Patrick
3. White Noise
1. White Noise
2. St. Patrick
3. You and I
1. St. Patrick
2. White Noise
3. My House

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