Top Ten Qualities of a Bad Top Ten List

Sometimes a bad list can be spotted from these factors.Whether it be the lack of content or the overly specific titles, these factors will increase the chance of your list being classed as `bad`.

The Top Ten

1 Obviously Rushed With No Real Effort Put In

95% of my lists. - Userguy44

These lists are usually have no description or comments from the creator, with very simple, obvious items. These lists (along with the rest of these items) are the stereotypical stat padder's list. - DapperPickle

My old lists - GrapeJuiceK

Hmm, I need a list... best times of day to fall off of a cliff!
1. 1 AM
2. 2 AM
3. 3 AM
4. 4 AM
5. 5 AM
6. 6 AM
7. 7 AM
8. 8 AM
9. 9 AM
10. 10 AM

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2 No Creativity or Thought

'Top Ten Songs That Feature a Male Singer Who Has The Letter 'F' At The Beginning of His Nickname Banging His Head Next To a Female Transgander Celebrity Who Is Eating a Baby' - DapperPickle

Top 10 Songs Between Metallica, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Adele, Linkin Park, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Nicki Minaj and Cannibal Corpse
(this isn't a real list but I've seen many similar lists on TTT. I even wonder why such lists get approved). - Metal_Treasure

3 Made For a Cheap Laugh

Top ten animals that would look ugly in a princess dress!

"Top Ten Song Titles But With Expletives Instead Of The First Word". - Swellow

These lists are usually created of a dare, or based on an in joke.Meme lists are acceptable but making constant 'Lana Loud' or 'Gluga' lists will get old and repetitive very quickly. - DapperPickle

4 Made to Trigger One Person

This is basically all of the 'Top Ten Reasons Why _ is Better Than Liv and Maddie'(Which is a reference to Disney1994, who loved the show), they are uninteresting, and all their items are basically either prasing the better show and insulting Liv and Maddie. - DapperPickle

Gaming michael (5 times 7) - EliHbk

Especially some anime fans. Even though I'm a Naruto fan and don't really care for Bleach or Dragon Ball Z, I don't say insulting things to fans of other mainstreaming anime, I only vote for Naruto.

I hate it when people make lists like "Reasons Why Naruto Sucks" or "Reasons Why Anime Fans Suck", it's just insulting. - Silverfroststorm

Bad list...

5 Making It Extremely Specific

Top 10 people with brown eyes who have been within 6 miles of a cliff and went swimming near there.

Stat Padders, I'm looking at you. - DapperPickle

6 Controversial Items

Lists with controversial items usually look like troll lists and often they are. Such lists try to elicit an angry response and they often succeed. I have seen many troll lists that got to #1 on the Hottest New Lists just because people had to vote in order to say "this list sucks", "why is this on here? ", or something similar.

Lists with controversial items are one of the purest forms of stat padding because it's easy to get many votes, comments and remixes from angry people. The authors of such lists usually put controversial items purposely - upsetting others is a cheap attempt at getting votes, comments, attention and scores. But because this often works and the authors reach their goals, such lists will appear again in the future. - Metal_Treasure

Putting Justin Bieber, Jake Paul,Hitler, Dora and all these other icons that people obsessively hate on onto a best list on a high ranking will probably annoy them.I usually make my lists with a mix of my own opinion and the community, so I can make a list most people will agree on.If you like the previously mentioned things, good for you, but it's probably not a good idea to put them on a best list. - DapperPickle

7 Inaccurate Information

Admin doesn't correct everything, so be sure to do research if you are unsure about something, or else that list will be completely ruined. - DapperPickle

8 Very Similar to Another List

"Best Anime Characters Ever"
"Top Ten Anime Characters"
"Top 10 Anime Characters of All Time"
"Best Anime Characters" - Silverfroststorm

'Top Ten Cartoons From Nickalodeon and Disney'
'Top Ten Cartoons Excluding CN Cartoons'

These are two real lists I believe, completely empty in interesting content.Easy to make and get popular with...yeah...but a good list overall? Nope. - DapperPickle

9 Made to Cause Conflict

Making a list on why a user is bad or why they are wrong will probably be returned by Admin.But every so often a list comes out such as 'Worst qualities of a toptenner', and they basically put in everything that this one user has done. - DapperPickle

10 A List with Incorrect Items

Another example is the real list of 2017 I mentioned - Top Ten Vegetables You Should Try, where 4 out of 10 "vegetables" are actually fruits. - Metal_Treasure

This happens when the list maker knows nothing about the subject.
Best Metal Bands Of 2006
1. Linkin Park
2. AC/DC
3. Pearl Jam
4. Nine Inch Nails
5. Led Zeppelin
6. Breaking Benjamin
7. (etc.)
The problem is that these bands aren't metal bands and this list is cringeworthy.
(this isn't a real list but there are many similar lists on TTT). - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 No Description

I think this speaks for itself. - DapperPickle

This was my old lists - Randomator

Not all lists need a list description or item descriptions but some lists need item descriptions. And the author didn't provide them. Example:
Top 10 Famous People Who Were Actually Terrible People
(there were no item descriptions as if everyone is obliged to know what all those people did. Come on, put some effort, give some info, be useful). - Metal_Treasure

12 Has Fewer Than Ten Items

2 or 3 years ago list could be submitted with 4 or 5 items on the list. But ever since I joined TTT, I never found a list without ten items. Cause that featured was cut out long time ago. But I think it was better, cause not all lists need ten items. For example - Top 10 guitar techniques used in shredding, I duplicated some items to submit the list. Because there were hardly 10 items for it. - zxm

What if you want to talk about the best continents? - EliHbk

I didn't add this item but I think it needs to be explained for the new users (judging by the two comments by far). The person who added this item didn't mean lists about music albums that have less than 10 songs, for example. This item addresses something else.
The rule of the 10 items was introduced in 2016: before that it was possible to submit a list with less than 10 items even when there were more than 10 items. For example - Top 10 Songs with [insert a feature]. There are dozens of songs with this feature but the author knew only 3 songs and submitted the list with only 3 songs. Such lists were/are considered bad. I still see some of those awful old lists although most of them were completed by other users/visitors who added items.
I am one of the users who never submitted a list with less than 10 items even before 2016. I am proud of it. Because it was easy to submit lists when you were allowed to do it with less than 10 items. - Metal_Treasure

13 Made by a Liberal

Top Ten Reasons Why Feminists Are the Best Things Ever and Should be Worshipped
Top Ten Reasons Why Meat Sucks and Every Living Thing Who Eats It Should Die
Of course, these are exaggerated, but I'll end it like this:if it has an extreme political ideology, don't post it. At. All.

14 Comparing Dissimilar Things

Yeah, adventure time and ebola - styLIShT

Like urinals and anime - EliHbk

15 Quantity Over Quality

I think this speaks for itself - Randomator

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