Top Ten Qualities That Define a True Friend


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1 They are always there for you

A true friend is someone you can call upon at any time under any circumstances, and they will be there to help, to talk, or just to listen. - PetSounds

Oh wow, PetSounds. Every item on this wonderful list should be first. You're a good friend to me! Thank you! X - Britgirl

Yes he is the number 1 Tollywood PA-1

2 They accept you

A true friend accepts you just the way you are, flaws included. - PetSounds

That's a very important thing. But Alas! I never had such a friend in my entire life. All my friends at the neighbourhood seem to fake it (I know they don't like my personality). Maybe there is some problem with me! - Kiteretsunu

I totally accept this because A true friend is someone who knows all about you but still loves you - Righteous

3 They look out for you

A true friend will not only be in your corner, but also protect you from getting down yourself. - PetSounds

Wow. Another amazing, vital list from an amazing person. Thank you, again, Spencer, for all of your important contributions and and efforts.
This man stands tall in many ways and is an excellent role model and leader by example to the site and I'm sure to the world. - Billyv

4 They make you see things differently
5 They aren't afraid to be honest
6 They listen
7 They are trustworthy

Without trust... what Good can there be?
And when that trust is tainted... When doubt has been established,..
how can it be overcome or restored?
Be careful out there, folks. - Billyv

8 They recognize when to give you space

Stop trying to "fix" everything. - Billyv

9 They make you laugh

This is more important than it seems! - PetSounds

10 They are forgiving

I've lost track of the number of arguments (and fistfights) I've had with my best friend over our eight-year friendship. In the end, a fight is just a safety valve. - PetSounds

That's actually a great way to put it, PetSounds. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 They try, with best intentions

Everything on this Man's list is so well-stated; Please folks, no additions, alterations, remixes. - Billyv

12 They never disrespect you
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