Top Ten Qualities of Dogs That Make Them Man's Best Friend

We all know the saying - for the many thousands of years we humans have lived on this planet, the one other species that has always been by our side throughout the good and bad, the war and peace, the struggles and is the domestic dog. Most people in the U.S. have a pet dog. They are smart creatures, they are talented...did you know a dog can smell up to 60x better than a human? They have protected us, working as military helpers, firehouse dogs...a dog cheers you up! Therapy dogs, other animal is as sensitive to human emotions than the dog.

This list is dedicated to the one other Earthling that has stuck with us, always by our side, through thick and thin. And will be by our side until the end. Woof!

The Top Ten

1 Loyalty

When they run away from home after a hour afraid about something bad happened to your dog they come home :P

This is very true. Dogs are loyal and want to stay with their owner all the time. Usually Cats run away and come back and run away and come back, etc.

Yes they should be loyal and stand up at anything that threatens their master

I'm more of a cat person but I love dogs too!

2 Sense of Humor

I agree my dog always has this little bottom row of teeth grin she pulls up when you call her name and you're holding food.

Dogs can be funny! Playing with your shoes, chasing their tails, barking for no reason, even smiling for pictures!

Shiba no walk

So so true

3 Friendliness

My dog always climbs over me when I come home from the school
Thus my dog is very friendly with my friends also.
He also sleeps with me at night time and he is only my alarm to wake up

No other animal can be as friendly as your dog. When you get home from work/school/etc. Your dog comes running to the door to greet you.

My dick hurts

4 Helpfulness

They can smell a bomb, they help the military, they work as firehouse companions, therapy dogs. They are truly helpful animals.

5 Companionship

Your dog will always want to be with you. Whether it's going for walks, eating dinner (begging), sleeping, or just sitting around...this companion will never leave your side.

Dogs are amazing, I love them all, the house is never empty when you have your Best Friend, they are Loyal, loving and very forgiving, the list goes on 🐾

They didn't make the term, "A man's best friend." for nothing! 🐶

6 Intelligence

Learn things fast

Imagine trying to teach a giraffe to roll over. Does it work?

They learn new things quickly

Smart, loyal, fun, funny, beautiful, cut, very helpful... cats GET DA DOGS LEVEL

7 Emotion

I can't think of any other animal that has emotions has human-like as dogs. All animals are emotional (even cats...), but a dog's emotions are so much similar to our own.

8 Kid-Friendly

A new puppy is all a little kid needs for pure joy.

9 Protection

A dog will stand at your side through almost anything.

10 Playfulness

Dog care about us Puppy's love us dogs are the best than Cat

The Contenders

11 Loving

When your having a bad day a dog is able to notice it and does everything it can do to make your day a whole lot better.

Dogs have that special quality about them that you just can't describe with words, you know? - EspioTheChameleon

12 History

Humans and dogs have been through a lot together.

Ever since the Paleolitic Period dogs have been by our side helping us

13 Non-Judgemental

Dogs never judge any person, we humans do.

They do not judge you :D

14 Dopey
15 They Care About the Owner

No, they don't. All pets do, except one, cats. Well, sure they sit on your lap and everything, but, if you cry do they come and help. In a movie I saw, the dog heard his owners yelp of pain and he came running to his owner to accompany him.

All pets care about the owner

16 Resilience
17 Faithfulness

Dogs remain faithful at all circumstance. Good or bad

18 They Stay by Your Side

Good or bad you dog is your dog you stick with it

Yes of course a dog is a mans best friend

19 Trustworthy
20 Cute


21 Persistence

They never give up

22 Fast

Like the speed of light

23 Responsibility
24 Good Looking
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