Top Ten Qualities of a Good Comparison List

I've seen many comparison lists which annoy me and I wanted to show what I believe makes a good comparison list

The Top Ten

1 Closely related, easily comparable items

For example it would be stupid to compare a band like Cannibal Corpse with Guns N Roses as they are completely different and most people's music tastes don't incorporate both. However a comparison between Van Halen and Guns N Roses would work as they are the same genre and people who like Guns N Roses are likely to like Van Halen as well so it's an unbiased comparison

2 Truthful objective items

I've seen many lists where the creator has run out of decent reasons and has started to say things that clearly aren't true

3 Unbiased items

I feel like lots of comparison lists are very one sided and need more items that might go along these lines:
Van Halen are good at (something) but Guns N Roses are better because (something)
That shows you have considered the other side as well

4 Less personalised items

You want your list to appeal to everyone and seem unbiased so you need to look at the general opinion and the facts rather than what you think. For example I could dislike Van Halen but I shouldn't use that as a reason as many people do like them. Of course it needs to be based off your opinion but don't make it entirely what you think

5 Less repeating of items

Not just comparison lists, but many lists have items that have been reworded to sound different that mean the same thing

6 Description explaining your personal opinion

As I don't think personal items work very well in comparison lists, I think you should either put your opinion in the comments or the description

7 More backing up of items

Often comparison lists have reasons that are entirely unjustified, so it helps to convince people if you say in the comments

8 Less comparing with something you hate or dislike

Again, this will make your list biased

9 Respecting people's opinions if they disagree

I've recently got into an argument with someone about this sort of thing when I disagreed with something they wrote on a comparison list

10 Writing about things you are more educated in

So the list is more plausible

10/10 list - Skullkid755

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