Top Ten Qualities of a Good School Teacher

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1 Fairness

My maths teacher never tells me off for anything so kind. Thinks I'm funny.

There are these teachers who have favorite students. It's pathetic!

I know, right!? Even as one of the "favorites" of one of my teachers last year, it got annoying.

My math teacher is so unfair! she gives you detention just for chewing gum!

Wow my math teacher this school year is nothing like that. I mean my math teacher last school year was kind of boring (literally her voice made you want to fall asleep sometimes) and had these creepy pink stuffed animals everywhere in her room, but at least she didn't do that. However this year I have this new guy as my math teacher and he's been super awesome plus he hasn't done that either. Also wow that is ridiculous. Who would give detention just for chewing gum?

My high school special ed teacher is so unfair, she gets me, THE ONLY ASIAN KID IN THE CLASS, in trouble for no reason all the time, while everyone else never gets in trouble. RACIST! >:(

2 Wisdom

I once had a teacher who didn't have very much of this. Remember, wisdom is different from knowledge. - RockFashionista

Good quality

3 Open Mindedness

Yes! I hate it when teachers (especially in Math and Science) don't accept that you made a different approach in solving a problem, even if what you did is completely allowed within the rules! Open-minded teachers could help students learn easier, and they can also learn from students!

Basically my math teacher from last year (so 7th grade). With her even if you got the answer right you could still mark it as wrong because your work wasn't exactly like how the book showed it. Like literally last year she would spend half the class reviewing homework, but then cram in the notes that we had to take that day and assigning us our homework in like 15-20 minutes. - Anonymousxcxc

This should be number 1. - Anonymousxcxc

*cough* *cough* stem teacher of my school(worst teacher ever) - Nateawesomeness

4 Caring

Teachers should be paid more for what they do. Everyday you do something that you wouldn't have been able to accomplish without a teacher. Teachers make their students thrive and prosper into adults.

A good teacher cares about their students, teaches them to thrive and grow in society, helps them prosper through their journey in their life, gives them advice and words of wisdom, and so much more.

You feel better when a teacher cares about you and tries to understand you. - Martinglez

By the way I'm sorry for cussing in your lists if your against cussing samui niko - Nateawesomeness

5 Patience

Yeah no way not any time soon like um that would be spec education

6 Determination

A teacher that loves children and loves to teach-that's the way it needs to be. - keycha1n

My stem teacher hates her 7th period class,which I'm in that class,so are a lot of my friends - Nateawesomeness

My STEM teacher is nothing like that. He's actually really fun. Also that sucks. - Anonymousxcxc

7 Understanding

I hate teachers who don't care about people's individual disabilities. If someone has something such as ADHD, A teacher should be able to work around that student to make sure that they are feeling comfortable. Something the librarian at my school clearly can't do.

8 Supportive
9 Respectful

My stem teacher is MEAN AS HELL - Nateawesomeness

My high school special ed teacher was mean as hell

10 Charisma

This and respective are the most crucial. No student will learn well without loving the teacher and enjoying their presence. - keycha1n

The reason why I was so inspired by my old physics teacher and my quantum tutor, as well as Feynman and other notable names in science, was their charisma. It makes you want to follow in their footsteps and be successful. - PositronWildhawk

Oh, I was going to put this one! Thanks to anyone who added this. - SamuiNeko

The Contenders

11 Fun

Besides really knowing their stuff and fairness, fun definitely pretty crucial in learning because it makes kids engaged in what they’re learning. The best kind of teachers are fun ones. - PhoenixAura81

12 Generous

I love teachers who are generous in giving grades!

13 Challenging
14 Organized
15 Humorous
16 Engaging
17 Competent
18 Attractive

Hmmm I remember an former maths teacher rather younger to most teachers who got to bootcamp on X factor

Who the heck added this. Attractiveness in teachers doesn’t matter in order to be a good teacher. - PhoenixAura81

19 Easygoing
20 Likes a discussion
21 Is funny at the right times
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