Top Ten Qualities of a Good Video Game

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21 No Blood and Gore

The reason I added this is because there was Intense Violence, Blood and Gore on the list. - TheYoshiPyro64

Like the item that said blood and gore makes a game good, it depends on the game itself. - Samoy

I honestly don't mind blood and gore - Mcgillacuddy

22 Received Good Reviews on IGN

This is the worst reason on the list only because it's praising those scumbags at IGN. 6/10 too much water. Enough said. Also, their Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Lost a World reviews were utter crap and wrong. - DCfnaf

Do you know that the problem with that review is that ORAS is a remake of another game? The original version had the same issue and it didn't get a lower grade from IGN. This version did, even though the problems it has were in the original. That's why the review is stupid. - DCfnaf

No, anything but IGN is helpful. - DapperPickle

Needs to have good reviews on IGN my ***! - Ultron123

Halo 4: OH NIEN POINT EIGT OUT UV TENN, HALO 4 Is the BEZD GAIM ever (Sarcasm) - VideoGamefan5

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23 Isn't Flooded with Whiny 7 Year Olds

So that means you can't play video games again. - DapperPickle

Again, not necessarily true. Yeah, we have Call of Duty and Minecraft, but I personally think FNaF is a good series. Is it something I obsess over? Not anymore. I just enjoy the games. Besides, FNaF is a one player game anyway so 7 year olds can't bug you. - DCfnaf

24 Likeable Characters
25 No Cutscenes
26 It has Originality/Innovates
27 Good Cinematics
28 Doesn't Have Too Much Water

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire sucks. Too much water.

29 Fun to Play

What's the point of playing a game if you don't enjoy yourself while playing it?

30 Unique Humor
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