Top Ten Qualities of a Good Warrior Cats Fanfiction

The Top Ten

It has a unique plot

Has your plot been explored in the books before? Has someone else written about it?
It is ok if you have a similar plot (for example: your antagonist is trying to take over the forest, like Tigerstar), but try not to make it exactly the same and try to add more unique subplots - Heedrie

It doesn't have too many cliches

Cliches aren't the worst thing in the world, but try to avoid them. They can be enjoyable if done right.
Examples of cliches in Warrior Cats stories:
-main character becomes leader in the end
-ShadowClan is evil and ThunderClan are the heroes
-forbidden love
-cat trains in the Dark Forest
-main character is hated by their Clan - Heedrie

The characters have flaws

In my opinion, flaws make characters more likeable. Mary Sues/Gary Stus are boring - Heedrie

The prophecy isn't too predictable

try to make it more vague so the reader won't be able to tell who it's about right away and what will happen in the story. Try not to directly include one of the character's name prefixes in the prophecy
for example: after the sharped eyed Jay and the roaring Lion, peace will come on a Dove's gentle wing.
This is pretty obvious who it's about - Heedrie

The character's motivations make sense

keep this in mind when writing the main villain. Try not to have a villain who goes around killing others for no reason.
Also keep this in mind when writing the main hero. What does the hero want more than anything? What will they do to achieve that goal? And who/what will get in their way? - Heedrie

The characters are developed

When characters are developed, it makes them feel more human to the reader (well not physically human because they're cats, but more human-like with thoughts and actions and emotions).
Things to think about when developing your characters:
-do they have strengths?
-do they have flaws?
-do they have a good balance between strengths and flaws?
-what is their goal? Does it change anywhere in the story?
-why do they do what they do?
-what kind of relationships do they have?
-are the characters the same as they were at the start of the story? What could have changed them?

Also make sure to give some of the background clanmates personality. If you want people to care more about the minor characters, try giving them more personality and meaningful interaction with the main characters. - Heedrie

The relationships are developed

try to give the main character relationships with other characters that make sense. It doesn't have to be romantic or positive. It can be familial or platonic, or it can be negative( like a rivalry). Not everyone has to love the main character, but give them cats they can open up to, unless the character is supposed to have no one at some part of the story.

And of course give the romantic relationship between your main character and their love interest development. - Heedrie

It shows, doesn't tell

don't say: "she was sad"
instead, say: "she hung her head low and walked slowly, her eyes dull."
try to avoid the word "feel/felt" ("she felt sad") - Heedrie

The names are written correctly

By this, I mean:
Firestar rather than Fire Star, fire star, fire Star, Fire star, etc.

ThunderClan rather than thunderclan, Thunderclan, thunderClan, Thunder Clan...
you get the idea - Heedrie

The correct terminology is being used

I have a LOT of trouble with this one - Marella

the cats don't use winter, human, car, etc. - Heedrie

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Don't forget certain characters, like parents.
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