Top 10 Qualities to Have to Live a Good Life

Let's count down to best qualities we can have to live a good life.

The Top Ten Qualities to Have to Live a Good Life

1 Adaptation

Ability to adapt anywhere but your home is a must quality to have, you can take a tour outside of your country and know how quickly you can adapt to unfamiliar environments. - dhruvchauhan1333

Yeah... That's right.

You must have a conftorble place to live,but if you see a homeless guy without adaptation,then help him out and buy him a home - Nateawesomeness

2 Concentration

Ability to concentrate on something is a good quality (Especially in school). You can do almost anything with this. - dhruvchauhan1333

3 Humility

Since humility is admired everywhere in the world, it's a must to have (Hard to sustain, though). - dhruvchauhan1333

4 Awareness

A person aware of his/her surroundings will be the first to survive in a tragedy. - dhruvchauhan1333

5 Planning/Cunning

Making plans according to what will happen in future is a good thing (i.E. teacher has given you assignment, Doing the assignment and pre-reading the subject is good plan.) - dhruvchauhan1333

6 Knowledge

Nothing goes on without it. - dhruvchauhan1333

7 Determination

It deserves a higher place, but you need above things for it. - dhruvchauhan1333

8 Tolerance

Do not let your emotions control yourself... Ability to tolerate is a part of adaptation. - dhruvchauhan1333

It's something I need to work on.
Great list! - Britgirl

9 A Sense of Humor

Without humor, our lives would be pretty boring, wouldn't they? - RiverClanRocks

10 Patience

The Contenders

11 Purity
12 Hard Work
13 Compassion
14 Understanding
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