Counter Analyzing: Herd's ''Top 10 quarterbacks facing the most pressure this season''

htoutlaws2012 With some months to be had we have a feeling what teams will be feeling the heat until the big stage is set, but we look at the leader of the offense that are going to be feeling pressure like never before with everything on the line the 10 Quarterbacks who are in major code red situational pressure this season by Mr. Cowherd.

#10 Lamar Jackson - Give or take with this selection, He may feel a little bit pressure getting better in the passing game for sure, but give it time his still young, and compared to others i'll get to who should of been on the list I feel warrant a stronger than Lamar Jackson.

#9 Mitchell Trubisky - I say yes to this one mainly because while he has made a progression in year two he was still inconsistent and hasn't yet used hie weapons correctly. If he can really transform that offense into a top 10 powerhouse with a defense i'm very weary on then good things will come.

#8 Dak Prescott - Nope I disagree, Prescott just won a playoff game that is impressive, and now with on a bounce back with a regressed O-line Dak shown me something last season, and that might be enough for him to be a long term Cowboy in itself. He'll have better receiver to go long to, and an elite running back to toss at will.

#7 Jameis Winston - Yes, definitely has a lot to prove in a last stand most likely season. Winston has lost the best receiving core he has ever had and now all he has left of it is Mike Evans and Chris Godwin in result of what's been lost. No running game, has two pretty good Tight Ends still there this is literally the end for him I'd put him in the top 3 I think 7 is too low.

#6 Derek Carr -Yep, Derek Carr enter a year where it could have been his last, and this one surely could be that only he has much better receivers at hand. Antonio Brown, Tyrell Williams, an J.J Nelson. Must get back to 2016 form because if he keeps on going down the team maybe going a whole different route on offense.

#5 Jimmy Garoppolo - Well to that extent, yes, and it is more on the coach itself more than anything Kyle Shanahan’s coaching future is on the line as well as the other five coaches on hot seats coming into 2019. Of those who may survive i’m looking at Kyle’s seat could be cooling down for now if Jimmy G can not only stay healthy, but use a lot of receivers he has to great precise measures. Their is some very deeper talent in this offense and the only way they don’t push for it all is if he goes down again.

#4 Kirk Cousins - After an awful year one with the Vikings this can’t be all on Cousins surely we are missing a couple of things one Dalvin Cook hugely disappointed. The offensive line was god awful, and partially hurt up front. Yet once again when it counted most Cousins fell in the very final game history repeats lost to the Giants, and lost to Da Bears I mean wow deja vu. Great pieces to throw to my concern is the protection is the weakest of the four in the division easily.

#3 Aaron Rodgers - Ha, no I don’t think so if anything he's got the good life. An owner of an NBA team, got another woman (in Danica Patrick), got the huge pay raise I just think the pressure is more less on the head coach being any good. Rodgers is the most complete and accurate quarterback perhaps of all time he’ll rarely make a costly turnover at most its his team that seems to fall apart. Even though you are a top 3 great even some greats fall with a middle of the road squad like this if not coached properly.

#2 Carson Wentz - Yes, but not this high up for me. Carson Wentz is a good to great quarterback when healthy and that’s true. Yet the last two seasons when he got a bit banged up I'm starting to get a little weary if my opinion start to slowly change gears if it happens a third time around. No more Nick Foles, and yet he has great talent around him surely it well all come down to the post season to find out what happens from there on.

#1 Ben Roethlisberger - No, I don’t agree, and I don’t get this being the top pick honestly. Big Ben’s prime might be outta the window with Bell and Brown being gone. Granted James Connor, and Juju-Smith Schuster have been great compliments it all comes down to change of direction in this team I could see. Big ben don’t have that many years left even despite the great O-line he has been behind this late in his career. Despite 5,000 yards his still doing okay, but he tends to not be the more accurate of all quarterbacks that’s for sure, but in terms of pressure i’m not sensing it.

There’s the list most of the quarterbacks I can see where they could be in their situations while others I feel don’t belong there at all so with that said here are some names I immediately was like why are they not included?

Cam Newton - After a 2nd half collapse on Thursday Night last season against Pittsburgh things started to go downhill for Carolina, and one of those included Cam’s passing game becoming regressively worse due to his odd like throwing mechanics being all out of tune. Now with the very intriguing draft pick of Will Grier in the mix for the future Cam Newton should realize his end could be near.

Matthew Stafford - After being with the team for 11 years he may have had his high points in his career, but post the megatron era of motown Stafford has had one good season while also not having a postseason victory to save him while getting overpaid in the process. One of the toughest players in the league, but when you play with a bad back sometimes it's best to question things moving forward. I feel like he knows this is it if the team fails again, and with his wife fighting that tumor that should motivate him a little despite not doing a good job at putting pressure at the backup depth being terrible.

Marcus Mariota - After putting up a good showing his first two seasons in the league since getting hurt each season went on it's almost like the wear and tear on Marcus seems to get worse and worse until it finally breaks. With great depth of receivers, and decent material to work with this is the last stand for Mariota and if he goes down will Tannehill stand any better unproven?

Andy Dalton - Its obvious red rifle is most likely a guy who's gonna make his final stand as a starting quarterback after nearly a decade under Marvin Lewis it's realistic to say Zac Taylor wants to bring in a young prospect than a regressing veteran making his final stand.

Joe Flacco - With little room to work with in the passing game there’s not much to expect here for Flacco to work with, and if that’s the case if he does falter again like he did to give up his starting position to Lamar Jackson will that happen again with a young Drew Lock in play at some point with a heated exchange already behind the camp itself.

So how would I arrange these pressure situations in my own top ten well they'd go in this exact order...

10. Carson Wentz
9. Kirk Cousins
8. Joe Flacco
7. Andy Dalton
6. Marcus Mariota
5. Derek Carr
4. Jimmy Garoppolo
3. Jameis Winston
2. Cam Newton
1. Matthew Stafford

There we have on this counter analyzing this sports list until next time we will meet again very soon with more to come.


I agree with a fair amount of this Here’s my list
10 Andy Dalton
9 Carson Wentz
8 Marcus Mariota
7 Joe Flacco
6 Matthew Stafford
5 Jimmy Garoppolo
4 Derek Carr
3 Kirk Cousins
2 Cam Newton
1 Jamies Winston - Randomator

I feel that in a sense, Rodgers is under a little pressure. He’s nearing the end of his prime, and the window for another Super Bowl is closing. The media really isn’t helping with all those clickbait articles with false information (looking at you Florio). - PackFan2005

Also I feel like Patrick Mahomes will be under some pressure this year as well. He had an MVP caliber season last year and now must live up to that in year 2 with no Tyreek Hill or Kareem Hunt to work with and the Madden Curse against him. - Randomator

Nope Kirk is good rainbows and unicorns super bowl here we come - RawIsgore

Lol - visitor