Manning is over-rated!

The Seahawks showcased what many football people have believed for a long time. Namely, Peyton Manning would not have fared well in the 60's, 70's or 80's. Defenses were allowed to be more aggressive back then and they could actually "hit" the QB. Most of Manning's passes are thrown inside of 5 yards from the line of scrimmage. I'd say close to 90% of his throws in the Superbowl were in that range. Many were thrown behind the LOS. Seattle plays a very physical defensive game and very similar to defenses of other eras. They just ransacked him. Very few of his throws over 10 yards in the air were completed.

He is 1-2 in Superbowls. He has 3 TD passes and 4 interceptions in those games. He has never had a Superbowl QBR higher than 88. He was outplayed by Drew Brees and Russell Wilson. His career playoff record is 12-13. His career mark vs. Tom Brady is 5-10.

He is highly intelligent QB with gaudy numbers and certainly belongs in the top-10, but nowhere near the #1 spot. I'd rank him behind Joe Montana, Johnny U, Dan Marino and Brett Favre.


He's not. - CityGuru