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41 Bob Griese Bob Griese Robert Allen "Bob" Griese is a former American football quarterback who earned All-American honors with the Purdue Boilermakers before being drafted in 1967 by the American Football League's Miami Dolphins.

Could do it all. Always put the team first. Called his own plays.

Led the Miami Dolphins to consecutive Super Bowl wins and used the talent around him to take his team to the scores that were needed to win. Had more career touchdowns (192) than interceptions (172) and was known for his ability to adjust his play to the circumstances that existed.

Totally unselfish. Called his own plays while not caring about his own stats, just wanted the team to win. Much like Bart Starr.

Actually, Bob Griese being better than the GOAT is just plain BS.

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42 Steve McNair

He not only could make a passing play but was willing to make a run strait through the enemies defense if he could score a first down!

Toughest quarterback of all time, even tougher than Favre

He was awesome but then murdered by his wife

Not in the top 50. Probably somewhere between 51-60.

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43 Bobby Layne

He was the master of the two minute drill before there was a two minute drill.

You have evidently never warched Bobby Layne play QB/Football-sensational

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44 Matt Schaub

Why the heck is Andrew Luck in here he is a rookie

He was good with the Texans now with the Falcons at backup his really showing his age of decline which means he should be lower. - htoutlaws2012

Matt Schaub Is Awful. All He Does Is Make Mistakes. You People Who Made This List Don't Know Football!

Currently backs up the much lower-rated Joe Flacco. That is, when Schaub isn't hurt, which is most of the time.

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45 George Blanda George Blanda

The Fireman. Best QB when you are WAY behind in the 4th. He got up from being pile-driven to the turf, throw a TD bomb, then kick the extra point (to win, I think).

Excellent player but played too long. -

Just go to the hall. Did everything

Should be higher not a lot of QB's can literally play in there 50's you have to respect that R.I.P. - htoutlaws2012

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46 Joe Theismann

The best of the best quarterback that ever played football


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47 Mark Rypien
48 Doug Flutie

He made good things happen whenever he was on the field and made all kinds of unique plays. He was held back from greatness because of his size

Flutie was magic. Bills treated him badly and Johnson choked!

my absolute favourite to have ever watched. Football is not the same without him

He's better then Montana

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49 Donovan Mcnabb Donovan Mcnabb Donovan Jamal McNabb is a former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League for thirteen seasons.

Donovan McNabb should most defitnitly be in the top 10 or 25 he is one of the three qb's to go to five championships and a superbowl 22 consecutive completions against the packers 5 td's this guy is mobile crazy. He is # four on the top ten black qb's come on now give the man some credit he's up there with brady and manning if he would have won that super bowl but that didn't happen

He is better than Michael vick any day, should be to 25.

He should be higher than CunningHam - Top10enner

Really deserves more credit, he was my childhood hero! He should be higher than tony romo at LEAST, romo never made an NFC championship game, mcnabb led the eagles to 5 NFC championships and a super bowl - RPD6478

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50 Matt Hasselbeck

I like Matt but he doesn't compare to Stabler.

He was the best QB for Seattle for awhile until Wilson arrived arghh. His somewhat turning around the Colts as a backup. - htoutlaws2012

I wish the saehawks kept him as backup I mean tavarious Jackson sucks

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51 Kyle Orton

So this guy is 30th with only 3 3000 yard passing seasons in his career and Warren Moon and Kurt Warner aren't even on the list? What a JOKE.

Why is Orton in top hundreds. he sucks. Tim Tebow beat him out in preseason

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52 Matthew Stafford Matthew Stafford John Matthew Stafford is an American football quarterback for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League. more.

He's the best no doubt.

He is on a bad team, this kid has potential to be in the top 30 at least - RPD6478

Still not even in top 60, but there's still time.

He has the best team the Detroit lions

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53 Len Dawson

Should be higher, stats and winning seasons, Super Bowls back it up. A pinpoint passer who could also throw the long ball

Very under-rated Put up very good stats in an era when it was much harder to complete passes.

Highly under-rated quarterback. His passing game is among the best.

Excellent quarterback. So smooth to watch

54 Dak Prescott Dak Prescott

I am a Dallas fan and when I saw Dak play his first game he was outstanding I think that he is the best rookie ever

He's the best rookie quarterback passer rating wise

Best to ever live


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55 Odell Beckham

Not a quarterback stupid

He might as well be QB for New York because the Giants offense depends mostly on the success of this Guy

Awesome catch Odell everybody talks about your one hand catch here in Georgia


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56 Daryle Lamonica

Correction! Namath had nothing to loose when he predicted a super bowl win over the Baltimore Colts!

On a windy cold day in the AFL championship game where Lamonica's Pass was called a lateral for a Jets TD,

If called an incomplete pass, Lamonica and the Raiders would have beat the Colts in the Super Bowl and "Lamonica "is in the Hall! Compare his stats to Namath!

Of Fame not Namath! That's Football

The mad bomber.
Daryle Lamonica went 66-16-6 as a starter, good for an .801 winning percentage, best in NFL history.

Lamonica was a true Winner Tops All other Q.B's in Modern Nfl.era in winning.801%

Always made the games Exiting and played hurt all the time!

Always outplayed Namath! Just put Namath at #40 and Lamonica at #10. Namath had nothing to loose on the Super Bowl win!

Great Quarterback, true competitor and exciting to watch.

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57 Jake Delhomme

Probably somewhere between 51-60.

58 David Carr

He played at Fresno state no more said

Oh god he sucked his brother Derek Carr is better. - htoutlaws2012

Derek Carr is the best but this guys ok


59 Vinny Testaverde

he is in the top 25 in yards, touchdowns, games, and has been around forever. he was signed by Carolina on Thursday and got a win for them on Sunday at the age of 45, wow, he has the stats, and is still a great quarterback.

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60 Gary Danielson

Always slighted , but still one of the greats.

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