Best Quarterbacks in NFL History

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101 Brian Sipe V 1 Comment
102 Charlie Whitehurst
103 Scott Tolzien

Spin move V. Jared Allen. Enough said

104 Terrelle Pryor Terrelle Pryor

Tp is so good

105 Brian Hoyer Brian Hoyer Brian Axel Hoyer is an American football quarterback for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League.

How did this bum even get in the running? He is a playoff killer. hoyer the playoff destroyer!

V 4 Comments
106 Troy Smith
107 Marc Bulger
108 Tim Couch V 2 Comments
109 Ron Jaworski

Are you kidding me he is the greatest to not win a super bowl besides Dan Marino.

Jaworski led the Eagles to a super bowl, he should be higher (top 25)

Jaws could due it all in the 4th quarter.

110 EJ Manuel V 2 Comments
111 Jeff Tuel

As his last name applies he is a tool. - htoutlaws2012

112 Brad Johnson
113 Jimmy Garoppolo

Ok this guy he's on the list he should just be known for his looks

114 Steve DeBerg

The best concealing the ball and fooling the players. I watched one game that Steve Deburg conceal the play that all eyes were on the running back and he had passed the ball to the wide receiver who crossed the goal line and the Ref's were untangled defensive players off the running back and the running back did not have the ball. The wide receiver was across the goal line waving the football. The Ref's did not see the wide receiver across the goal line because all their eyes were on the running back and Ref's called the touchdown back because they had no one see the wide receiver scored the touchdown.

Steve was a very good quarterback whom I highly enjoyed watching play. I wonder how many people remember that joe Montana sat on the bench his rookie year at san fran in favore of deberg who set an nfl pass completion record that year.

115 Mark Brunell

Shouldn't be this low - DoroExploro13

Best jaguar I saw

116 Chad Henne
117 Jay Cutler Jay Cutler Jay Christopher Cutler is a retired American football quarterback that of the National Football League. Cutler played 11 seasons in the NFL (2006-2016). During his announcement that Cutler declared retirement, he announced plans to be a television sportscaster for the FOX Network.

What are you smoking this guy sucks

Are you guys nuts his mantra is" don't touch me nah nah don't touch me...

Jay cutler is overrated


V 12 Comments
118 Marcus Mariota Marcus Mariota Marcus Ardel Tafuna Taulauniu Mariota is an American football quarterback for the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League.

My Quarterback is Marcus because he is a rookie and he already broke a record and he is always going to be better than Tony romo

Marcus sucks he plays like he doesn't even know what sport he's playing he should be in last place

I know his new but 64 is kinda giving him high hopes don't you think. - htoutlaws2012

Is AWESOME started at QB as a beginner and I'm a raders fan

V 1 Comment
119 Boomer Esiason

Esiason is criminally low at least he made a super bowl unlike some of the guys who didn't even do that. - htoutlaws2012

V 2 Comments
120 Chad Pennington
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Bret Farve?
Manning is over-rated!
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