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Peyton Williams Manning is a former American football quarterback who played 18 seasons in the National Football League.


Peyton Manning in the Greatest of All Time, period. Tough to compete with Montana (he was my football hero growing up, by the way), but Peyton is the total package, and Brady is very over-rated. Peyton came into the league as the number one pick, meaning, on the worst team in the NFL at that time, and totally transformed that franchise and city, literally from a Basketball town into a Superbowl winning organization and perennial playoff team. Peyton's early playoff loses are typically used against him, but it is the fact those teams were there prematurely due to his efforts, that those losses further prove his greatness. Peyton's relentless preparation and command at the line of scrimmage is like no other Quarterback ever. He has basically been his own Offensive Coordinator his whole career, successfully. Peyton has thrown more receivers into prominence than any other QB, many of which were non-relevant after playing with Peyton.

When comparing Brady to Peyton, what happened to ...more

Peyton Manning is the not only the greatest QB, he is the smartest! If Tony Dungy had not pulled him at the end of his record breaking season, he would have had well over 50 td passes. Not to mention, it took Brady 578 pass attempts and Peyton 496. He will hold every record in the book before he is done playing the game. - 669606b

Manning is the best QB of all time. He has not had the defensive teams Brady or Montana had. If you don't believe me look for yourself Brady has never had a defense outside the top 20, while Manning has had defenses outside the top 20 a huge chunk of his career.

Also his record against Tom Brady isn't as bad as people think considering the superior teams and coaching the patriots have had. Also Peyton has beat Tom more times in the biggest game they can play against each other the AFC championship game where he holds a 2-1 record against Brady. Peyton also dominates Brady in most of the statistical categories.

Then for those of you who say stuff about the lack of offensive weapons Brady's had. Well that's not true at all Brady has had Wes welker, Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski, Brandon Lloyd, Aaron Hernandez, Branch, Julian Edelman, and Danny Amendola who with the Rams was given the label the next Welker and Brady has failed to help him reach that potential. On top of all ...more

The age old assumption about Manning is that he can't play when it matters most but a closer look at the numbers may change a few opinions. Of the top 50 playoff performances Manning has 5, Brady 1. Of the top 50 worst Manning 0, Brady 1. Manning has gotten most of his success with the a defense that wasn't ranked in the top 20. Brady has benefited from a top 10 defense 60%+ prevent of the time. 5 of Manning's "Chokes" came when either the kicker missed a field goal or the defense couldn't hold. Brady has benefited from a much more consistent rushing attack whereas Manning had very few years with an elite back. It is stated that Manning has weapons upon weapons but is it that he gets weapons or that he creates weapons? Of the 8 recievers with 1,000 yard seasons with Manning only 1, Reggie Wayne, has another without. Manning has had recievers such as Austin Collie, and Blair White with seemingly no drop in production. Manning went from being done after 4 neck surgeries to putting on ...more

It seems like he beats a record almost ever year. Peyton Manning has a great arm and probably one of the most clutch players ever the only one stopping him from being the most clutch is Montana, and Brady. Back to Peyton's arm he could play a game just throwing hail Mary's and complete 50% of his passes. He also has one most accurate arms ever and a 94.9 rate only Steve Young has a better rate. And in 2004 it was like he couldn't miss a receiver.399 touch downs is amazing he made all players on the colts who they are today. The only one that can possibly beat hi is Joe Montana. Manning needs to be higher on this list come guys vote for Manning.

People talk about one year for the patriots the year they went 16-0. Good for them but the colts went to the playoffs 9 straight years tying an NFL record. All because of Peyton. The reason Peyton didn't go 16-0 is because they benched him the last 2 games of the season. The only thing Tom Brady has that Peyton doesn't is the 3 superbowl rings. Manning has 1 and a loss to the saints. And Brady threw one more touch down pass in a single season than Manning 1 thouchdown doesn't not make you a better quarterback though. On the line no one is as good as Peyton is at confusing defenses and changing plays and running the no huddle. Brady is a great quarterback but when your team goes 0-13 without Peyton and the patriots get a winking record you know whose the more need quarterback. Peyton gets another superbowl and he will be better than Brady with 3.

Peyton Manning is unstoppable. He holds the 2nd best record for TDs in the NFL. He has a super bowl win and he won the MVP 3 years in a row. Even in his rookie season he's been to the playoffs. His entire family(except Cooper Manning) was a great QB. The only reason Tom Brady is 2nd (according to this list) is because Manning's out for the season. If you think Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady better... YOUR WRONG! I mean, have you seen him play? He's more precise, accurate, and more smart than Brady, Brees, Favre, Rogers, AND Marino!

If I had the chance to Draft ANY NFL player to my team after his career was over based on just one category "leadership", Manning would easily be the first. I'm stating this without even considering his stats as part of my decision process, and they speak for themselves! Imagine if Randy Moss would have played with Manning his entire career? We would all agree that he would be "The best wide receiver off all time", and would have broken every record imaginable as well as Manning. Please also consider that he is still playing!

Peyton is the best cause montana had rice elway had davis and peyton has no running game or defense and they still win

Peyton Manning is the best QB of all time hands down, he is 3 yards away from being the all time leader in pass completion yards, he is1 win away from the all time games won, which makes him #1, he holds all the records that actually mean anything, he will probably be over 80,000 yards this year and win the next 8 games, unlike Mr Brady who is the biggest crybaby in the league, every time he gets sacked his eyes tear up, I've seen manning get hit so hard it ain't funny he gets up and goes about his business as usual, kudos to peyton manning he has truly been and will go into the books as the greatest ever!, time for him to get the respect he deserves and has earned, I believe Andrew luck will obliterate all those records in time Andrew Luck is a bad ass if you watched the Colts Broncs game 11-8-15 he got punished several times bad and got up like nothing happened!, I believe Peyton Manning will go back to the Colts after this season play 1 down and retire a Colt and then be their ...more

My goodness, when people are able to take personal and emotional bias out of their decision making (which is admittedly a VERY difficult accomplishment) Peyton Manning is clearly superior to all others except perhaps Joe Montana, and even that is arguable. For example, his defeat of the Patriots was stellar and he made it look easy. His performance was heads above Brady's. I do also have to admit I am a Steelers fan so I had to put the emotions aside with gritted teeth to write this. When you see greatness denying it is only a reflection of wistful thinking and flawed beliefs. I mean, after all, none are relatives or give us any of the money they make when they win!

I've been a Colts fan since 1956. Peyton, Montana, and Unitas are, hands down, the three best in NFL history. And Brady could rank in the top five. It takes a team to win Super Bowls as the Colts record proves. Manning's importance became obvious with the the Colts' 2011 season and games against San Diego and the Steelers in recent years proved that it takes a TEAM to win. No quarterback in NFL history has a better ability to win a game in the last two minutes than Peyton Manning.

There is no doubt he is the best quarterback of all-time.

He is a two time league MVP, eight time ProBowler, Super Bowl XLI MVP, he is everything.

He is a smart quarterback who has the ability to read defenses. There is no question he has good arm strength, good accuracy.

Despite his pre-snap gyrations in which he does a lot during games, he is the best quarterback. By retirement he will own every quarterback record.

Payton should be above Brady. Brady was hurt and missed the entire season and New England did not miss a beat... All do to Bill and his system. Payton missed the entire season and the Colts crumbled. The system in New England is better than the system in Indy not the quarterback. The colts also won more games in a decade than any other team, including New England. Payton should be number 2 on this list, he needs 2 more titles to take the #1 spot.

The fact that Peyton Manning is third on this is ridiculous! Tom Brady is one of the greatest Quarterbacks in history, no doubt about it! But he is NOT better than Peyton Manning! I almost want to say it's a tie, but Peyton is slightly better. To see him 3rd on this list is just an atrocity! He is the best Quarterback in the NFL today! The stats prove it! Don't give me that bs about "oh Tom Brady has more rings". So? To get a Super Bowl ring is all about teamwork. He AND his team got those three rings for him. Super Bowl wins don't make you a better Quarterback, it makes you one of the better TEAMS. Stats show who's better. And guess what? Peyton Manning has better stats than Tom Brady. Tom Brady is a close second. Which is why Tom Brady is the SECOND greatest Quarterback in the NFL today and Peyton Manning is first. Hands down! No question about it!

Obviously he is the best because when his career is done he will hold every record except for most interceptions he is a dynamic quarterback if you were to put him with the lions they would make the playoffs every year he has an iq off 1,000,000 when it comes to football all the people that think that brady is better is jealous cause they know brady will never be as good as peyton

No! No TOM BRADY and no JOE MONTANA! Those two quarterbacks got the great team around them, those two should not be in the top ten, don't get me wrong, there good, but Peyton Manning Started with a Class A terrible defense and had an offense that had nothing since Jim Harbaugh, Peyton MADE THE COLTS GOOD! The pats and 49ers MADE MONTANA and BRADY GOOD! There is a huge difference! And to top that, Peyton went to the broncos and got them to the playoffs while he was still learning the offense. Peyton is the Best. Period. - RandomGuy18

No one even comes CLOSE to Peyton. Not Brady, Montana, or Marino! No other QB has pretty much single handedly won 10 games and made playoffs every year for a decade. Throw in a superbowl and a 4 time MVP, not to mention all the other records he holds! Come on, no other QB has ever done and will ever do what Peyton does. - bdub18

Peyton #4? To me, he's #2. Only Dan Marino is higher. And, if anyone told me they would rather have Brett Favre starting a win or your out game, they are either from Wisconsin or don't know football. (Last night Favre proved once again that his bad passes and INT's are why he's no better than a #6 on this list. - corebare32

I am a New England Fan, But we have to be realist, Peyton Manning is the best QB at this time. If you are really sport critic be a real one. There is no need to be a player fan or a team fan to vote for it. Just give credit to Who deserve it.

His post season win/loss record isn't the best on this list, but he is the best quarterback this game has ever seen. In Football more than any other sport, the better team can lose on any given day. But, over the course of his seasons and career, no one comes close. This is day in and day out proof of his greatness. I feel Brady and Marino are right there as well. I'm excited to see Brees isn't on this list.

All you have to do is look at the 2011 season to see that Peyton is the best ever. With him, the colts win at least 10 games every year and go to the playoffs and without him they cannot win a game. Look what the Patriots did without Brady when he was injured for a entire year, they still won 10 games and almost made the playoffs.

Peyton Manning's the greatest quarterback ever. After what he did in his first season in Denver after being of of football for a year with neck problems, this proves his a super human quarterback and the greatest ever to play the game. Tom Brady proved that he's a phony after getting caught cheating with the spygate. They say it was just the coaching staff that cheated, but where was Brady getting the information. Tom Brady cheats, Peyton Manning's the greatest ever, deal with it.

Manning may leapfrog everyone. Best work ethic of all quarterbacks and best student of the game. Master of the audible and being a quarterback-coach on the field. Smartes quarterback of all time. I put him #3 already, right behind Elway, but he'll probably pass Elway when it is all said and done.

Easy question. There are a lot of good quarterbacks, but t
Peyton Manning is the best. The argument I always hear as to why is is not the the best, "He doesn't have as many Super Bowls as Tom Brady". Well, Troy Aikman has 3 Super Bowl rings, and I and most people do not consider him a better quarterback than Brett Favre, John Elway, or Dan Marino. Not a good argument. Does anybody really think that Terry Bradshaw is the best or second best qb ever? Not likely.