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Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr., is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League. Brady is known for being the only quarterback in history to win 5 Super Bowls, and is often considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Brady is also frequently more.


Tom Brady will go down as the best ever. Here is why:
1) Montana had Jerry Rice(the greatest player in NFL history)... Enough said
2) Best winning percentage by QB in Superbowl era, Most TD in one season, most wins in a row by QB(21), Most passes in a row without a INT(the best record of all), Only unanimous NFL MVP EVER!
3) Most Playoff Wins, Epic playoff drives, 3 Rings, Brought 3 distinctively different teams to the Superbowl (01-04, 07, 11)
4) Better in the clutch than Manning. Better record than Manning Head to Head. Brady made Gronk the best TE in the league and has single-handedly made receivers good (branch, givens, patten, Caldwell, Welker, Stallworth, Watson)

This is an absolute fact... If he wins again this week. He is Number One all time (MAYBE #2). But like I said. Montana had Rice! Montana had Rice! Brady had Randy Moss for one solid year and what did he do in 2007. Take his team 39 seconds away from being the greatest team in the HISTORY of sports. ...more

The ONLY argument I've heard when people compare Montana to Brady is that Montana is undefeated in the Super Bowl. 3-1 isn't that bad, so that argument really doesn't prove anything. The only other argument is stats... 50 TDs (most TDs in a season), 339 passes without a pick (longest pickless streak), most homefield victories (21 I believe), 2nd QB to go undefeated in a season to the Super Bowl (damn Giants), only QB to have unanimous voting for the MVP award. Those are just the major accomplishments, there are many more. That alone separates the two. Brady's one Super Bowl win AND MVP less than Montana, and he can easily get both. What else is there between Brady and Montana? Nothing. Hang on to the Super Bowl argument while it lasts. It won't last long. Brady WILL get his 4th Super Bowl win, Montana WILL be dropped to the 2nd best QB ever, and there WILL be no more debating. No disrespect to Montana, but Brady is better.

I've been studying the NFL quarterbacks since 1965. Bart Starr and John Unitas were clear standouts then but the game is much different today with so much more talent and competition. I didn't think anyone would ever surpass Joe Montana for his coolness, accomplishments, and smooth confident playing style, until Tom Brady started to come back after his 3rd Super Bowl win. At age 30 he plays like he is just getting warmed up. He doesn't have a Jerry Rice, or the consistently strong team around him like the 49ers of the 90's. He makes any receiver, big or small, look like a pro-bowler. His poise, pocket control, ability to read defenses, time control, completion percentages, vision, leadership and competitive passion place him, in my opinion, in a zone surpassing Montana. A fourth Super Bowl win should make it hard to argue against, and the records just keep piling up, and he's still improving into his 9th season.

Montana had the best offense w/Rice & Craig, best protection, and best coach of his era. Bill worked under Paul Brown who is responsible for more innovations that gave us the NFL game we have today. Manning's GM skews the offenses numbers by always picking offensive studs over making defensive picks. Otto Graham's winning percentage and Kurt Warner's short career like a "Gail Sayers QB" are Brady's closest competition. Consider that a Brady team has no offensive studs. It's always Brady to xyz, Moss the exception. Then consider his lack of interceptions, winning percentage, super bowls, MVPs, not to mention his intangibles then you can understand why he holds more NFL records than anyone in history.

Tom Brady isn't like any quarterback. try the 199th round pick Peyton Manning he had it all from the very start a first round pick by the Indianapolis Colts so it's very unfair to say that Peyton Manning is better based on his season stats whereas Brady has beaten Joe Montana's records so how can you say to Peyton Manning is a better quarterback he sucked in the playoffs he sucked in the Super Bowl he only won once and one of the two he lost was a blow out he's been 3 times Brady's been 5 times oline has nothing to do with it Tom Brady is a good damn quarterback he can get the ball down the field accurately and efficiently just as good as Peyton Manning if not better people over rate Peyton Manning they give him way too much credit for things that he really didn't earn he doesn't deserve the credit that he has he never will and Tom Brady is the only one in the 16 game era to have a perfect season so how can you say that Peyton Manning has anything on brady I mean look at the playoffs ...more

Tom Brady is closing in on # 1 but he's not quite there yet. He has the the best winning percentage, most playoff wins, 5 superbowl appearances, 3 superbowl win, 50 TD's in one year, 5 TD's in one quarter a 16-0 regular season and 17-7 playoff record. He's frequently done more with less than ANY other QB and when he did good receivers he put up monster numbers.

I know there's always the Manning and Brees argument. But they both make way too many mistakes to be considered top 3. Manning has 209 INT's that's ridiculous! And Brees forget about it. I don't care how many yards or TD's you throw for if you throw that many interceptions then you have average-poor decision making skills. Also Manning is awful in the Post season 9-11 is pretty bad. So Brady hands down has them beat. He'll undoubtedly be #1 if they can win one more SB.

Tom Brady has time and time again proved he's the best qb in the super bowl era. 78% winning percentage is 8 pts higher than anyone else! 18 playoff wins, and still counting, is the most all-time. He's done this with mediocre receivers at best. The one year,2007, he had quality receivers he went 16-0 in the regular season. The only qb to lead his team to a 16-0 regular season record. Tom could easily have 5 super bowl rings right now if it wasn't for mishaps on the defense those 2 super bowl losses. Keep in mind, when tom brady walked off the field in those 2 super bowls for the last time, the pats where leading! When it counts, you can count on tom. People always wanna say, "It's because of Bill Belichick and that system". Tom Brady made Belichick, not the other way around. Bill will go down as one of the greatest coaches ever and he suppose to because he's an awesome coach but he has only has 1 playoff win without Tom. People hate on Tom because he's a good looking guy who ...more

I'd like to think that if Randy Moss came to the Patriots sooner that the "07 season? Brady would have won at least 1 more Superbowl, if not 2? That would probably cement his status as the greatest of all time. I'm sure Tom Brady would not complain about being ranked #2 behind only Joe Montana, as Joe was his childhood hero growing up. When you look at Montana and Brady's stats? It's all a matter of opinion. My opinion, Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in history, as the teams are more evenly powered and the competition in the NFL is stronger and faster than it was in the 60's, 70's and 80's.

First of all Tom Brady is the Best ever. He has never had a good receiver and he 3 super bowl rings. Brett Farve is good but he has been in the nfl forever. Last year was Bradys first year with good receivers and he dominated everyone. he broke so many records even know he lost the superbowl, that was just a fluke. people try to say manning is better than him but manning has had marvin and reggie his whole career. Brady has done to much and he has never had anyone - Spazv15

If Brady plays just a few more years he will DOUBLE every number Montana put up including trips to the Super Bowl. He has already doubled up on some of Joes stats in the Post Season and may also double the total wins while still having a far superior win percentage. Only reason Brady may not be number one is because the media many years ago crowned Manning as the best and Brady made them all look like they had egg on their faces. His accomplishments are without comparison. Joe also played in the warm weather that inflates stats and had many more Hall of Fame players in support. Sorry, Brady hands down the best with no one in second place.

There are longevity stats and efficiency stats, with efficiency stats getting the nod for importance. While Favre, Marino, Elway, Tarkenton, Moon, Testaverde have longevity stats, they fair poorly in the areas of efficiency. And while Young, Montana and Rodgers have good efficiency stats, their longevity stats are just OK. Peyton has a mixture of both and may top Brady in the longevity area but it is Brady who will be atop the efficiency ratings relative to Manning and most others. Couple these more critical efficiency ratings with advanced stats like DVOA, DYAR etc, and winning percentage, SBs played in, SBs won, records and awards and one can only be left with Brady as the top QB historically. Only Otto Graham has an argument as to who is the best, but the game was so different back then it is not a fair compariso, since the passing QB was in his infancy.
Note... Montana played 15 years and made four SBs winning all four, but that means he missed the SB 11 of his 15 years. While ...more

I think he should be one... Think about it, 3 SB wins, (Arguably should have been 4) He did lead the Pats to the lead before the defense blew it in the 1st NY game... The FIRST year he got a receiver like Jerry Rice he broke mannings record with 50TD's, And Moss broke the record, AGAIN the first time ever he got a HOF WR, he did the rest with mediocre at best WR except Welker who he MADE... Plus 16-0... 7 pro bowls, 2 time SB MVP, 5 time AFC Champion... Etc etc

Peyton vs. Brady: Peyton played in a dome most of his career whereas Brady played in tough New England weather. Peyton has always had much better receivers than Brady. Brady dominates in regular winning season winning percentage and don't even get me started about playoff performance. When it's money time, Brady rises and Peyton pees down his leg. Not even close anymore.

Brady vs. Montana: They both have four rings but Brady has done it in a salary cap era with more teams and more rounds in the playoffs. Better career winning percentage too. Brady is #1 now.

Skinny kid from San Mateo, 7th QB on the depth chart in Michigan, 199th draft pick, Drew Bledsoe's back up. Who knew this would be the greatest Quarterback of all time, when no one else gave him a chance, Bill Belichick did, and he responded with winning 3 Superbowls in 4 seasons and creating a dynasty out of a team that used to be a bunch of nobodies. Enough said

Brady ranks among the best in the NFL ever. having assaulted the record books in his carrier with the patriots leading them to 3 super bowl victories with a perfect regular season and setting the single season record for touchdown passes.

I believe the debate is only between Tom and Joe,
Tom wins because no one with a brain can argue that Joe did not have more talent around him; Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, Dwight Clark and he also had the most feared defensive player on the other side of the ball, Ronnie Lott! Most athletes never meet the lofty expectations set for them, Tom shattered them and he was drafted 199, what about Joe?

Not even a discussion... Brady is the best of all time...Brady had to work his way from 6th Round.. 4th String back-up

Then Starting QB and wins it that year... He goes back 2 years later and He wins it back to back to make it 3 Superbowls... He breaks records and gets blamed for something he had no control over and then everyone said "Well never go back after cheating" and He wins it years later... From 6th Round to 4 Superbowls... Seriously don't play yourselves... He's the best!

Tom Brady is the greatest quaterback of all times. He carries himself with poise in dignity in the pocket and in life. He is humble spreading credit around the team. He is franchise player in an era of greed. What other player declines a salary increase to put it toward finding the best players for the team.

He is the best athlete out there today, perhaps ever. His work ethic, humilty and ability to be accountable for mistakes and to learn from them makes him tops in my book.

Tom Brady has the same championship stats as Montana and he did it in an era with free agency and salary cap, with less talent. He has been to more super bowls and championship games. Joe Montana was awesome but Tom Brady is the best there ever is or was at this time. Manning is good but not even close and doesn't belong in the conversation. This list is not based on facts and stats, it is flawed and based on opinion. Just like a butt hole everyone has one.

Not to mention the best won lost ratio of any QB in history including playoffs. The 2nd best TD to interception ratio of all time. The 3rd best QB rating of all time. (lets see what Aaron Rodgers QB rating will be in 10 years. More playoff appearances and wins than any QB in History after this year.

Fact:No one is even close to Tom Brady when it comes to flat out winning-- which, the last time I checked, was the point of football. Not Montana, not Elway, not Favre, not anyone. The 2nd best winner in "modern" football, whom somehow isn't even in this Top 10 poll, is Roger Staubach. However, to catch Brady, he would have needed to play for about 44 more games and win 39 of them! That would boost his winning percentage to about 78~~, where Brady stands. This alone makes brady the best. Leave opinions out, and forget fluff like yards, playoffs, interceptions, etc... None of it matters except wins and losses--and Brady is the all time master.


The only real reason why anybody hates on Brady is because they are jealous of the man; legendary quarterback for the best team in football, supermodel wife, awesome kids, and he's in better shape and looks better than anybody else at his age. I don't really know why 5 rings doesn't automatically put him at #1, but his surgical precision, outstanding leadership, and work ethic definitely makes Brady the GOAT

As much as I DISLIKE stating it. He deserves the number one spot. He has PRODUCED yards, touchdowns, wins, and championships and super bowls! He was picked in the sixth round if the 2000 draft at 199. Maybe if he got the credit he deserves for being the best of all time, he might walk away from the game like all the other great players instead of playing super bowls like a walk through practice into his 40's. Go pack go!

Take away the 1 season he was injured the man was unstoppable... Tearing apart defenses almost at will the only QB to really beat Brady was Brady... At one point after the unbelievable loss to the Giants it seemed as if he had achieved all and was no longer 'hungry' but the 2011 saw a Brady of old with more conviction and 'fire in his belly' hopefully this gives birth to another Superbowl win for New England...

He Has The Best Win Percentage Than Any Other QB In History. Even Beats Big Joe For Best Win Percentage. Plus Has Ben To 5 Super Bowls.. Who's Around Now Playing The Game To Even Say They've Been There 3x Never Mind 5. He Is A Beast And Makes All Receivers Look Great. He Turned The Tight End Position Into A Whole New Level. Gronk Most TD's By A Tight End While Under Brady.. He's Created The Best Players In The Game...