Best Quasimoto Songs

Top songs of Quasimoto. The duo project that consists of Hip-Hop producer, Madlib and his animated alter-ego, Lord Quas. Lord Quas first came to life in 1999 in the studio when Madlib experimented with his voice by slowing its speed. Audibly, the two can be told apart by their voice differences. Madlib has the more lower-pitched voice while Lord Quas has the higher-pitched voice.

The Top Ten

1 Planned Attack
2 America's Most Blunted

This song features two duos that both have Madlib. - BeaverCleaver

3 Low Class Conspiracy
4 Astronaut
5 Microphone Mathematics
6 Real Eyes
7 Catchin' the Vibe
8 Closer
9 Shadows of Tomorrow
10 Come On Feet
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