Top Ten Best Queen Collaborations

Freddie Mercury
Brian May
Roger Taylor
John Deacon

Had some Collaborations with other singers over the years. Especially when Freddie Mercury died, here is a list of the best one's

The Top Ten

1 Queen + Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert fronting Queen ( Brian May and Roger Taylor ) since 2011 - BMAVIDS

2 Queen + David Bowie

This should be number one, Under Pressure is amazing! - MontyPython

They did under pressure in 1981, performed live with him in 1992 at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert - BMAVIDS

Loved the collab they were great singers RIP they will both be missede

Vanilla ice gotta pay respects to the O.G.s with this one, people act like they don't know the sample.

3 Queen + George Michael

They performed two Queen songs: 39' these are the days of our lives and Somebody to Love at the Freddie Mercury tribute Concert. Especially Somebody to Love which was called to best performed song that night. - BMAVIDS

4 Queen + Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers fronted Queen ( Brian May and Roger Taylor ) from 2004 to 2009 - BMAVIDS

5 Queen + Michael Jackson

Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson recorded 3 songs in 1983.
Brian May and Roger Taylor reworked one of these songs into a Queen song in 2014 on Queen Forever - BMAVIDS

"It must be more to life than this" written by Freddie Mercury is amazing song.
"State of schock" written by Michael Jackson is not as amazing, but still good.

6 Queen + Elton John

Performed with Elton John twice.
Show must go on and Bohemian Rhapsody at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert
And again Show must go on in 1997 - BMAVIDS

7 Queen + the Foo Fighters

Brian May and Roger Taylor performed multiple time's with them - BMAVIDS

8 Queen + Robbie Williams

They asked him to front Queen and go on tour but he turned them down!

9 Queen + Luciano Pavarotti
10 Queen + Five
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1. Queen + Adam Lambert
2. Queen + Paul Rodgers
3. Queen + George Michael


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