Best Queen Hard Rock Songs

Well, we all know Queen is one of the best rock band ever. Queen is a rock band, but there are some great hard rock songs by Queen. Here's some of them. Please add more.

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1 Hammer to Fall

Awesome song. Great riffs and amazing vocals by Freddie. Should be first. - Userguy44

My favourite - zxm

2 Stone Cold Crazy

Amazing song. - Userguy44

Awesome song that influenced many heavy metal bands and covered by Metallica.

Early thrash metal!

The first trash-metal song written by Freddie Mercury.

3 I Want It All

Lol the intro though

The guitar solo is lit

One of my favourite.

I listens to this on Halloween

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4 Bohemian Rhapsody

This isn't a hard rock song. The first three minutes are a ballad, then the next minute is opera, and then we get to LESS THAN A MINUTE of hard rock, and then the last minute is back to a ballad. It doesn't count as a hard rock song when less than a sixth of it is hard rock. - Aweso

Best song of all time!

It's mostly opera rock. - Userguy44

5 Tie Your Mother Down

I like your selection of their harder songs, zxm. - Metal_Treasure

6 The Show Must Go On

Awesome song! - Userguy44

This is my favorite, together with Bohemian Rhapsody. - Metal_Treasure

7 Sheer Heart Attack

It sounds like punk - Userguy44

Oh yes, this song is pretty hard and... heavy. - Metal_Treasure

8 Liar


The best song from Queen I, easily. 6 and a half minutes of perfection, going through multiple phases with monstrous guitar riffing. If you haven't listened to it then do so as soon as possible - dubsinthetubs

9 We are the Champions

This song speaks to all of us and our daily struggles. It gives us hope and courage to go forward and fight like the champions that we are.

10 Ogre Battle

The Contenders

11 Dead on Time
12 Death on Two Legs
13 We Will Rock You
14 Hijack My Heart
15 Great King Rat
16 White Man

One of their deeper cuts that never really gets mentioned. I love the riff. - Gg2000

17 The Hitman

How could anyone forget this? This is one of their heavier songs! - Userguy44

18 Headlong

Very underrated. Brian May is amazing in this! - Userguy44

19 Modern Times Rock N Roll
20 Keep Yourself Alive
21 The March of the Black Queen
22 Let Me Entertain You
23 Son and Daughter
24 Tear It Up

Bohemian Rhapsody is a fantastic song, but not hard rock. This however, is.

25 Dragon Attack

This song is overlooked on most lists. Stripped down, good groove, crunchy and screaming guitars. One of my favorite, hard-rocking’ Queen tunes!

26 Princes of the Universe

Just awesome

27 One Vision
28 Gimme the Prize
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1. The Show Must Go On
2. Bohemian Rhapsody
3. I Want It All
1. Liar
2. Tie Your Mother Down
3. Death on Two Legs
1. Hammer to Fall
2. We are the Champions
3. Bohemian Rhapsody

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