Best Queen Songs Written by Freddie Mercury


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21 Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

Miracle underrated? No, this is! I mean, I think I may be the only one who's heard of it. This is my theme song by the way. By luck I got it! AND I LOVE THIS SONG! Can't be any better.

I love this song forever. Best minute and eight seconds of my entire life.

22 Innuendo

Also written by Roger Taylor.

23 One Vision

Love this song! It makes me wanna get up and go! Great on a sunny day! My band play a cover of this and I sing it as a tribute to Freddie. Always do the dances he brought us!

Great music, awesome vocals as well as lead... And amazing lyrics... Only possible in a queen's song...

This was a cover of another song though

24 A Winter's Tale
25 Who Wants to Live Forever

This was written by brian - Fenna

26 Time

I had a dream when I was in a bad situation between my wife and a new wo man.

27 Made In Heaven

The queen version: this is the nest sound Queen ever produced

28 Dragon Attack

How was this one not here? Queen has so many other great songs besides Bohemian Rhapsody. This is just one of their many extremely underrated ones. The perfect rocker! - matty925

29 My Fairy King

Why is this song not on here it is one of queens best solo work

30 Seven Seas of Rhye

I think Mercury wrote this? But how can you not list their first real Europeon hit

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