Queen Songs That Should Have Gone Into the Worldwide Greatest Hits Album

Queen had lots of hits however some hits did not make it into the greatest hits albums.

The Top Ten

1 Tie Your Mother Down
2 Keep Yourself Alive

It is the first great Queen song, first song on the first album. A perfect example of the perfection of music that Queen would bring to the world.

drum solo, straight into guitar solo, thats what I would call a truly entertaining piece of music - StevoMuzz

3 Stone Cold Crazy
4 Tenement Funster
5 Brighton Rock
6 Spread Your Wings
7 Scandal
8 Love of My Life
9 The March of the Black Queen
10 The Prophet's Song

The Contenders

11 Back Chat
12 A Winter's Tale
13 Liar
14 I Was Born to Love You
15 Teo Torriatte

This is my all time favorite song ever in the history of the universe, Spread Your Wings is definitely my 2nd, Winter's Tale came out a couple days after my birthday, and one of the lines is "little girls are crying and screaming" I also love I Was Born To Love You, Scandal's background story is better than the song, and definitely the video, IT WAS HARD TO CHOOSE. - I<3Queen

16 My Melancholy Blues
17 '39
18 Need Your Loving Tonight
19 Innuendo

I know its in the second greatest hits, but it well deserves to be in the first.

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