Queen Songs that Should Have Been Released as a Single

These are Queen songs which never were released as A Single worldwide (Though some of these were released in a few countries), this would show us what Song fans would have loved to have bought when released and could have been a hit.

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1 The March of the Black Queen

Should released as a single, so underrated - malamJONES

So torn on this. TMOTBQ was the first one that came to mind, but when I saw Stone Cold Crazy... Wow... I can't believe that wasn't a single! What were they thinking? That would've gone through the roof! As well as Dead On Time, Need Your Loving Tonight, and so many more.
I'm a relatively new fan, so I'm not really familiar w/ which weren't released as singles. How about Hammer To Fall?
Anyway, I LOVE all of them! So I think they all should've been singles!

2 Liar

The cowbell really ties this song together. With a bass solo, stunning guitar work, impressive drumming and Freddie Mercury's large vocal range shown, Liar is a great song. It was released as a single but it garnered little notice and is quite underrated as a song and a Queen song.

It was actually released as a single, but at a shorter length and it cuts out the majority of the song. But good

This song is by Freddie Mercury, it has to be a single.

This would have been a big hit I'm sure its so good!

3 White Queen
4 Stone Cold Crazy

I really love this song. I mean, I love ALL Queen songs but this is one of my favorites. Very heavy and fast for them. But then again, they covered ALL genres.

5 Doing All Right
6 Father to Son
7 Long Away

A lovely song it was only released in the US and New Zealand

I love this song, because of vocals and guitar.

8 Princes of the Universe

"Here we are born to be kings, we're the princes of the U-niverse" when they sing it at the very beginning is the single solitary most gorgeous thing I've ever heard in my entire life - I<3Queen

9 Sweet Lady
10 Need Your Loving Tonight

It was released as a single is the US and Japan but not in the other countries!

The Contenders

11 Mustapha
12 Dragon Attack
13 Death on Two Legs
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