Queen Songs that Should Have Been Released as a Single

These are Queen songs which never were released as A Single worldwide (Though some of these were released in a few countries), this would show us what Song fans would have loved to have bought when released and could have been a hit.

The Top Ten

1 The March of the Black Queen

Should released as a single, so underrated - malamJONES

So torn on this. TMOTBQ was the first one that came to mind, but when I saw Stone Cold Crazy... Wow... I can't believe that wasn't a single! What were they thinking? That would've gone through the roof! As well as Dead On Time, Need Your Loving Tonight, and so many more.
I'm a relatively new fan, so I'm not really familiar w/ which weren't released as singles. How about Hammer To Fall?
Anyway, I LOVE all of them! So I think they all should've been singles!

2 Liar

The cowbell really ties this song together. With a bass solo, stunning guitar work, impressive drumming and Freddie Mercury's large vocal range shown, Liar is a great song. It was released as a single but it garnered little notice and is quite underrated as a song and a Queen song.

It was actually released as a single, but at a shorter length and it cuts out the majority of the song. But good

This song is by Freddie Mercury, it has to be a single.

This would have been a big hit I'm sure its so good!

3 White Queen
4 Stone Cold Crazy

I really love this song. I mean, I love ALL Queen songs but this is one of my favorites. Very heavy and fast for them. But then again, they covered ALL genres.

5 Doing All Right
6 Father to Son
7 Princes of the Universe

"Here we are born to be kings, we're the princes of the U-niverse" when they sing it at the very beginning is the single solitary most gorgeous thing I've ever heard in my entire life - I<3Queen

8 Long Away

A lovely song it was only released in the US and New Zealand

I love this song, because of vocals and guitar.

9 Sweet Lady
10 Need Your Loving Tonight

It was released as a single is the US and Japan but not in the other countries!

The Contenders

11 Mustapha
12 Dragon Attack
13 Death on Two Legs
14 The Prophet's Song
15 The Prophet's Song
16 The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke


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