Queen Songs With the Coolest Bass

Bass lines, solos...Anything.
John Deacon is the shy one of the group but still did great on the bass-- better than most. Here is a list of his best "Shining moments", if you will. There is a lot of songs from Hot Space because this is the album where Deacy is really noticed. KYO!

The Top Ten

1 Another One Bites the Dust

The line in this song is Great, and of course, it makes the song what it is. It was amazing and one of the most memorable.

I like decon style.


2 Under Pressure

This one shouts out to me just a bit more than Another One Bites The Dust. Very interesting, and of course written by himself!

3 Crazy Little Thing Called Love

This song is very different without the bass, it basically makes the song, it's really groovy and still keeps the beat amazingly, I'd say it's one of the greatest basslines to be honest, John Deacon is a very criminally underrated musician, he could play super complex things while sticking to the core of the song and he knew what was good for certain songs, especially here, incredible bass line, I can listen to just the bassline and still think its an amazing song!

Really stands out for me. Great, catchy, keeps the groove, and just makes you wanna get up and dance!

John Deacons masterpiece. - Userguy44

4 The Invisible Man

So AWESOME. I just love the way he plays, and he dances in the music video! Love our Deacy!


5 I Want to Break Free

It's great

6 Breakthru

Very upbeat and enjoyable -- that's what makes it great.

7 Radio Ga Ga

Very interesting bassline. - Userguy44

8 Dragon Attack

Top 5 for me, with another one bites the dust, under pressure, breakthru and I want to break free

This should easily be in top 10!

One of the most obsessive bassline I've ever heard, one of my favorites

9 Liar

It's small, but it's still as great as any Brian May solo. Short sweet and nice. You have to love it!

10 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

It's nice, very neat, easy to understand... What more can you want?

The Newcomers

? You Don't Fool Me

The Contenders

11 The Millionaire Waltz
12 Body Language

One of his grooviest, easy and fun to learn (even though I don't play bass, I would like to. ) Nice and smooth.

13 Staying Power

Very recognizable. See what he's got! Is it real, is it real?

14 The Show Must Go On - Queen

The first notes! - Userguy44

15 Don't Stop Me Now

This song definitely has to get a vote for its bassline. The bassline blends perfectly with the rhythm and gives it the feeling of the fast tempo, and the fast eighth notes are a joy to hear.

16 Killer Queen

Blends very well with the piano and drums. - Userguy44

17 We Will Rock You - Queen

This song has no bass. - Userguy44

18 One Vision

During the Magic tour, when they play One Vision at Wembley, the most know concert other than Live Aid, you can see Brian May and Deacy have a guitar show off contest... Sort of. Deacy is doing this sick (in a good way) thing on his bass that can't be replicated in anyway. Don't worry; you'll see.

19 Back Chat
20 You're My Best Friend
21 Stone Cold Crazy
22 Flash

And now the crescendo, as V said. (V for Vendetta. ) Deacy and Roger started it and then the piano came in. Deacy did great in this song as well as all the others.

23 Don't Try Suicide
24 Tie Your Mother Down

Amazing song, rocks peoples hearts out.

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