Top 10 Queen Songs With the Best Guitar Work

The Top Ten Queen Songs With the Best Guitar Work

1 Bohemian Rhapsody

Brian May is at his best skills with this chart topper. - Draco

2 Killer Queen

Brian May shows most of his skills with this rock classic. - Draco

3 Don't Stop Me Now
4 We Are the Champions
5 Somebody to Love

Brian May gives us a killer guitar solo in this gospel/rock masterpiece - Draco

6 We Will Rock You
7 Another One Bites the Dust

Brian May's self-made guitar riff goes perfectly with the catchy drum beat - Draco

8 Fat Bottomed Girls
9 I Want It All
10 The Show Must Go On

The Contenders

11 Innuendo
12 I Want to Break Free
13 A Kind of Magic
14 Stone Cold Crazy
15 Seven Seas of Rhye
16 You're My Best Friend
17 Bicycle Race
18 Who Wants to Live Forever
19 These Are the Days of Our Lives
20 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
21 Friends Will Be Friends
22 Hammer to Fall
23 If You Can't Beat Them
24 Brighton Rock
25 All Dead, All Dead
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