Bohemian Rhapsody


I think that ALL Queen's songs are bloody amazing but this has to be their best, THE best song of all time! If anyone wants to argue another artist is better then Queen, they're wrong!

Truly the Best'est' song ever written on this planet. Even We will rock you is good, but can't compare it to this.

This song was the definitive beginning to the greatest collection of musical gods this world has ever seen, a legendary musical epic that is the most amazing our world has been blessed with the privilege to be graced with. Just as Innuendo (disappointed it isn't top five) was the epic that marked the end, this song gave birth to an era of incindiary music that can NEVER be matched. Now that Freddie is teaching the angels to sing, and John was involved in an incident with his interdimensional portal powered on the bass line of Under Pressure, it makes me sad that I will never have an experience like growing up with, or ever hearing Queen live again, but I know this band will never truly die.

There are some songs that are so good, that you have to separate them from their creators. Some songs are so good, that they take on a life of their own; they live longer than their fathers. These songs are taken from the treasure house of God and placed into the minds of mortals. I give you Bohemian Rhapsody.

I really don't like this overblown, over-hyped, theatrical operatic nonsense of a song and what the hell does Scaramouche, Scaramouche, can you do the fandango" mean anyway? Freddie Mercury was a fantastic showman but as a song 'who wants to live forever' blows this out of the water, and then some.

Only Freddie knows what he intends to convey, but anyone can relate it to their own experience... A masterpiece which demonstrates his talent. The song consists of six sections: introduction, ballad, guitar solo, opera, hard rock and outro.

I love this song.
I just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger
Now he's dead"

I just fell in love with Freddie Mercury after this wickedly awesome song.. brilliantly written, composed and performed. A bliss for true music lover.. Lyrics is too good to be understood by commoners like me.. Every time I listen it opens up myriad of thoughts and I want to quit my job and be a writer!

Such a great song with it's amazing melodies. Can't believe that Queen came up with this, the best ballet EVER! It is such a pain that Freddie had died, but if he didn't, there would be this song stuck in our head for ages. Again, this is the GREATEST SONG EVER BY QUEEN!

That song has ALL.. I really love that song..
"I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me"
"So you think you can't stop and spit in my eye?! "
Are my favorite parts... It's just awesome.. hear it! (:

Queen has a lot of greats. But this is the Queen song. 6 parts of amazing. I can't even describe it, but it wouldn't really mater, nothing really maters. If you disagree with this, that doesn't mean you can spit in my eye.

No one else has ever sounded so perfect as Queen does in this song. Eddie Mercury's voice is amazing and the harmony sounds awesome. It also has arguably the best moment ever in music being the court opera. The song has several moods, and I listen to this at least every day. This is truly a masterpiece! - codninjasword40

Try to listen to this song in the car and not start singing along with it. One of the hardest if not impossible thing to do. You don't care if your at a stop light with people looking at you. You still belt it out! This is the song Queen will always be remembered for. RIP FREDDIE!

I love Queen! I am their biggest fan in the world! I have Queen wallpaper, phone case, bed sheets, fidget spinner, every album they ever put out, every DVD, posters, toilet paper, shower curtain, tattoo,t shirts, all four of their autographs, yellow jacket, a copy of the red special, a Freddie biography, Brian biography, Roger biography, and a John biography. And that's not even a quarter of the Queen collectibles I own. All together I've spent $1,500,000 on it all

The perfect song in every way. A truly fearless single. What other single has heavy rock and opera? And the lyrics are nothing short of amazing. Overall, this is one of those very rare song that I never tire of.

This is without a doubt, the greatest song of all time. Its basicaly a tribute song to Freddy Mercury, since this song is about dying. It has great vocals, great guitar sols, and everythign else flows 'any way the wind blows' - 990055njsmith

This song is amazing; it expresses a totally different genre of music, and introduces a new style for everyone. It's a lot better than their other songs, even though they're all great. Queen never fails to impress me.

It simply proves that you just cannot put The Queen into a musical genre, you just have to close your eyes and listen and thank God that they existed. NOT ONLY THE BEST SONG BY QUEEN, BUT PROBABLY THE BEST SONG EVER. - LizardQueen

I can listen to this song for days at a time. Freddie Mercury is by far one of the most influential singers of all time. He left with us his greatest gift to human kind: this song. Freddie Mercury is flat out awesome.

I absolutely ADORE this song! The first part's piano melody is brilliant, and of course Freddie's vocals are sublime, as usual. My personal favorite, along with We Are the Champions and Somebody to Love.

In my opinion this song is a master piece with many different parts to the song and I believe that this song is masterpiece. This is by far the best song queen wrote, it doesn't get better then this

How can one song contain such a wide range of emotions... Amazing how it starts with sadness, makes you wanna dance crazy in the middle and leaves you again feeling nostalgia. It's been 40+ years and I still can't get enough.

Raise you hand if you've ever tried to sing this song... now raise your hand if you failed. Tell people to do this and everybody will raise their hand on both. This is the one song that can truly only be sung by Freddie Mercury, God rest his soul.

This song is obviously the greatest hit, lyrically speaking unbeatable...3 Songs in one that deliver you from different levels of understanding music. Simply the best!

This has to be the best song of all time. How could any one in the world dislike this song if you dislike this song well you sir are a mad man and should get a better taste in music.