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21 Too Much Love Will Kill You

A song straight from Freddie's heart. This is the song that made me fall in love with Queen. It's amazing how Freddie touches hearts. He sings his soul out in this one.

I simply love this song! Awesome chorus and singing, and also awesome lyrics and message in it! I actually understood this song and I felt pretty sad and like "yea" fred's right from this one. this should be in one of the top ten guys...

Cannot help but cry. Freddie's voice. The video. The meaning. So pure and heartfelt and Freddie's goodbye song. Utter perfection!

Made me cry listening to it back in the 90’s... this really is a masterpiece. The vocals have a sound of desperation and sadness, and the melancholy guitar makes it even more so. Just listen to it and you’ll understand.

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22 Stone Cold Crazy

This is what started some big 80s bands out there. Very underrated. I voted for it because I wanted to put that out there. I was gonna vote for something else, but I figured this should be higher on the list. Anyway, I only know 1 other kid who knows and loves this song. Thanks Ray.
Long live Queen. Long live Freddie Mercury. Freddie Mercury, we all miss you greatly and wish you were with us today. RIP.

The more I scrolled the more I thought I had accidentally glazed over this song and it was actually up way higher. Then I found this... ALL THE WAY DOWN AT 72?!?! Seriously, this is a masterpiece of a song that essentially crafted the thrash metal genre and would go on to help birth bands such as Metallica! A legendary song and definitely much more deserving a spot much higher than 72

Holy crap, what the heck is this song doing down here. This is one of Queen's greatest songs! One of the first thrash metal songs ever. And you have to love that sexy guitar solo. This list is just stone cold crazy

A pure hard rock song!

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23 '39

The thing I like about Queen is each of their songs tells a story thats greater than most blockbuster movies, without telling you EXACTLY whats gonna happen... youre allowed to like write your own story while listening and 39' is the perfect example of this and one of the most underrated song not just by Queen but by any band... - ozlacs

Simply the most beautiful and uplifting Brian May vocals/composition ever. Give it a listen, it's on A Night At The Opera. Should've been a single...

Phenomenal song! It has a great story behind it, and it's beautifully written. I have no idea how it's so unpopular.
Don't Stop Me Now and We Will Rock You are so overrated.

What? 24? It is amazing, should be 39!

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24 Love of My Life

This is the first time I heard this song, and I loved it immediately. Its just wonderful. And his voice - it's so magical. I heard the live version - and the way he interacts with the audience - is so masterful. He had them in the palm of his hand.

Beautiful piano, beautiful guitar... It is really deep and inspiring. It is the most beautiful Queen ballad.

It is, perhaps, the only song by Queen that may works without Freddie's voice. I mean, it sounds spectacularly with those Chopin chords, Freddie's carisma makes it irresistible also Brian twelve-string guitar. Every time I listen to this at Wembley Stadium break in cry. There are -to be specifier NO EXIST- words to describe it. May be not the final song by this group, but surely the prettiest!

Should be in the top 3! - together with "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" - a beautiful song.

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25 Hammer to Fall

Best. Queen. Song. Ever.

Has to be in the top ten greatest Queen songs ever.


After listening to all rated and underrated Queen songs for so many years, Hammer is my absolute favourite. Metal bands, this song shows how the hammer must fall. Quote: Best. Queen. Song. Ever.

Great rocking' tune, I play it all the time at the pool table. Good message too, brings you into the moment. LIVE for today!

One of the most criminally underrated Queen songs.

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26 Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

I love every song by Queen, especially Somebody to Love, but at this point this gets my vote. They mix the classic music, and the rock kinda style. The singing is so perfect, I just love it. And this is exactly how a lot of us "boys" feel.

"HEY BOY" gives me chills, I wish I could travel back in time and give Freddie the cure for aids, or bring him back to life today.

I think this song should be a little higher up at least! I mean, have you people listened to it? It's awesome especially when Brian may makes his guitar sound live a violin in the beginning when Freddie is singing, "I can serenade and gently play from my heartstrings, ve a Valentino just for you. "

I don't know, I just love that song even the beat is catchy!

Good Old-Fashioned Love Boy is a highly underrated Queen song. It mixes a lot of great genres of the era and fully shows the group's true talent. Don't get me wrong, I love Bohemian Rhapsody and their other popular classics, but I prefer to explore a band's lesser known pieces.

If Bohemian Rhapsody is the best song of all time, this somehow surpasses it.

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27 Save Me

It is a very good song. At least top 20!

Oh... What a wonderful Queen ballad song! My favourite song with Bohemian Rhapsody, Don't Stop Me Now. And my top 3 is Save Me. It should be least at top 15! - gyungmin

Involve Freddie's real life experience about a close friend who's relationship has ended

Amazing song

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28 A Kind of Magic

What an epic song
Only freddie can do the live concerts and make them sound so good

Great lyrics. Fine melody. Anything Freddie put his magical vocals to is great. Loved Queen back in the day. Still love 'em just as much today. I wish we had smart phones back when I saw them in concert.

This song should be number 11 or in the top 10 - mneilan

This song is perfect and deserves n1 position among all written songs (with Made in Heaven 1985 version).But not many know what is magic.

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29 Brighton Rock

Love Bohemian Rhapsody, of course, but if I could take only one Queen track this would be it

Brian's song here has me under. I had gotten new songs on my iPod and I never used to listen to this then I clicked play and just... Wow this has an amazing solo, everything about it is just amazing.

Still remember hearing this for the first time... And being blown away by the fantastic Brian May solo. The lyrics and chorus also stick in the mind. Queen at their rocking' best

My favorite.

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30 Princes of the Universe

Holy crap are you kidding me. THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING SONG EVER. There is no way to describe it.

One of the best songs of Queen ever! It's no way of getting bored with this song!
Freddie really puts himself to the limit.

Really? 31? This is the most amazing song ever.. This one should be right under Bohemian Rhapsody

Best Queen song ever!

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31 Death On Two Legs

This song is one of the few songs by queen that utilizes the instrumental side of music. Nearly all other queen songs are strictly vocal. The beat and composition of this song is revolutionary and seems to me like a Cheap Trick inspiration.

One of the best examples of how Queen was ahead of their time... unique, dynamic and catchy.

Where do I begin? The song is literally a showcase of Queen's many traits; the precarious layering and dubbing of melodies, vocals, and musical sound effects. Freddie's fantastic voice and attitude: in this song one can literally feel his seething disdain. Brian's wailing, yet operatic, orchestral guitar. Deacon playing an impecabbly intonated bassline, with Taylor's smashingly thunderous drum fills intertwined. The grand piano adding an air of royalty, depth, and power. It's hard to choose a great Queen song; they're all incredibly amazing. Queen is in a league of their own.

Next time your pissed at anybody just put on the headphones and crank this all the way up! Guaranteed to feel better in no time.

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32 One Vision

At least number 10... At least number ten...

Pure 80's grandiose soundtrack fun. But Brian May cutting loose on the guitar makes the song timeless.

Gimme fried chicken! Always makes me chuckle

One song, one choice, ha! #1

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33 These Are the Days of Our Lives

This is the cutest song ever i love it along with every other one of there songs lol queen is by far one of the best bands there was and probably ever will be! Freddie Mercury was a genius when it came to singing and writing the songs!Everyone knows the words to at least one of Queen's songs , im only 16 and i no the words to about 50 of them lol like i said there awsome and thers never gonna be another band like them!!!

just so underrated! beautiful song - sixsixone

The song with the most heart and soul. Even though the song was not for saying goodbye to the fans, it was a heartfelt goodbye and extremely sad knowing that freddie died shortly afterward

Can't watch the video completely!
Ah that's sad " the last video of the great freddie with his friends " just beatiful and lovely! I really think he's just right, we've go to enjoy our lives and don't fight for anything but the freedom with ourselves

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34 Bicycle Race

This song is just so sweet!

This song is amazing ya its not the best one but still it is great to listen to this song inspires me listen to it sometime queen is the best band ever

How can this song not be in the top 100 Queen songs when it's one of the 50 greatest songs ever by anyone!

Now I want to ride my bike.

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35 Keep Yourself Alive

Keep yourself alive. Keep yourself alive. All you people. Keep yourself alive. Wish Freddie was able to do that.

I love this, It could be my favorite queen song.

The absolute best song. Big punch!

Great song with an amazing beat

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36 It's Late

One of the first rock songs to use the finger tap guitar technique. Yes, even before Van Halen.

Best queen song by a mile

One of the best guitar songs ever


37 Liar

Whoa, only 61?! Liar is at least top 10, no joke! It was the crown Jewel of Queen I and their best live song for their first few years of touring. Queen's first two albums clearly are seriously overlooked if Liar can't be considered one of their best.

By far my favorite song from Queen! Very unique for its time. Although the lyrics are really strange, Brian May's intro will really rock your socks! This should be higher up on the list. It's one of those songs that make Queen unique.

Song from Queen I. didn't have much commersial success but one of theire best effors behind Bohemian Rhapsody and Somebody to Love

I can say this 100% truyle, This Is My Favorite Song..OF ALL THE SONGS IN THE WORLD! Looove iit

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38 Now I'm Here

The only Queen song which proves that these guys were real Rockers at heart. Should be number one, but people are sheep...

Awesome song with a great guitar riff!

Rocking' bliss.


39 Breakthru

Breakthru is definitely one of their best songs! I really love it.. this song gives you a boost! :-)

This song should easily be in the top 10! Great bass riff and brilliant beat with Freddie's vocals making it into something special

Underrated Queen... Enjoyed watching Freddie be Freddie in the video before his health started deteriorating.

The intro is just so powerful and soul touching. I have always liked all queens songs, but never really heard this song so much. One day
i was walking in the forrest hearing the intro, and I just realised how amazing it was!

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40 Great King Rat

This is really awesome song, I love it very much. This is the one of the most innovative song of greatest band queen. And by the way, what a speed of Freddie Mercury with a very clear pronouns...

My favourite by a zillion miles. Freddie and Brian push themselves and their unique talent, to the absolute limit.

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