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Queen are a seminal English rock band, formed in 1970 in London by John Deacon, Brian May, Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor. Britain's most successful band of the past three decades, the band rose to prominence during the mid-to-late 1970s and still retain a large international fan base. This is a list of Queen's all time greatest songs.

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81 I Can't Live with You
82 The Hero

85! Are you kidding�'me? This song kicks ass!

83 Las Palabras de Amor

This is one of the best songs of all time! I can't believe its not even on the list!

People were crazy. Why is it's not included at least in the Top 20.. ? The most underrated song from Queen, EVER... !
For my personal choice, this should be the number 1.

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84 Delilah

Shouldn't be on here

Boo peek a poke line

Should be way more appreciated than #84!
Insulting to Queen.

85 All Dead, All Dead

If I close my eyes and listen to this I can imagine an entire lifetime passing by, it brings tears to my eyes. A heart-achingly beautiful song.

(Fun fact: Written by Brian May as a homage to his pet cat. )

I believe I am correct in saying that this is the best song about a cat ever

Really underrated. It is sad at first but it gets heartbreaking when you learn it was about Brian Mays cat.

86 Back Chat

I made a personal top ten list of queen songs and this was right in there. Surprised it is ranked so low.

87 Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon

I think this song deserves to be placed much higher in the list as this is easily amongst the best songs on 'A Night at the Opera' and certainly shouldn't be overlooked for its short length. Delightfully whimsical and one of my personal favourite Queen songs, I very highly recommend it.

Brilliantly eccentric! Who else could do this? A nod to The Kinks, but far superior.

Whimsically awesome, this song should be considered classic Queen!

Great little song

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88 You Don't Fool Me

The most underrated queen song ever. It's different to their others but still is a masterpiece

Il love this song! The guitar solo is so amazing!
The music, the voice! I love this song

Awesome song, perfect mix of pop and rock!

Total magic

89 Doing Alright

This is the very first Queen song ever written, and I's so underrated! It just has that happy-sad kind of feel to it. This is so amazing, I can't believe it was their first ever song.

You have only hits on your list. Give the first five albums a chance or two, then you will really hear some good songs!

This is one of those songs that make you glad to be alive. God bless you Freddie!

90 Lily of the Valley
91 Friends Will Be Friends

A great song. A recent discovery for me, but I consider it a classic in my playlist. The guitar solo at the end always moves me. LISTEN TO IT NOW!

Sure... Friends will be friends.. awesome lyrics. wish it could at least reach the top 15 of their list.. SIMPLy AmazinG.

Another classic. Great guitar. A really nice ballad with great lyrics.

Man it's their most underrated songs lets take it higher

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92 You Take My Breath Away

A massively, massively underrated queen song. It really showcases Freddie's ability as a singer and a composer brilliantly.. The harmonies, rhythms and melodies are superb to a level beyond rock music; this song is nothing short of art. Every queen fan should listen to it and be amazed.

Words cannot describe the gentle beauty of this ballad. For a band whose music is often famed for its power and overblown tendencies, its bizarre that I consider this to be their finest. But I do.

This song is hauntingly beautiful. He sings it with such emotion and fervor that it is impossible to remain untouched by it. The live performances at Hyde Park and Edinburg in 1976 are actually better than the album version. To me, that proves Freddie was the greatest artist of them all. It is a crying shame that this song is so far down on the list.

Love this; the style and finesse of Freddie really comes through.

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93 Was It All Worth It

This song is just so amazing! I was very dumbfounded when I first heard it! It deserves a higher place

This is Queen's most underrated song. period.

94 Is This the World We Created...?

This song deserves a place in the top 10... At least in the top 15. A Beautiful song, a brother of Heal the World.

Every time I listen to this, it gives me chills. It brings tears to my eyes. It's one of the most meaningful songs ever and sadly so underrated. Is this the LIST we created...?

What a beautiful song! Why this song is so low? - gyungmin

Amazing song - romlevi

95 Need Your Loving Tonight

You have to watch the live version from Argentina 1981. Freddie nails it.

Listen to a live version. Freddie rocks on this tune

96 No One But You (Only the Good Die Young)

The most emotional rock song ever.

"One by one, only the good die young! " - Alpha101

Such an inspiring song, just after the death of Freddie Mercury.

I love this song so much. Because it's very emotional song. But I think it's too low.

One of the most underrated Queen songs ever.

97 Seaside Rendezvous

This really is such a fantastic Queen song, but I find that it's so under-rated, a wonderful song that reminds me so much of those summer days spent by the sea and for me it's a perfect reflection of my childhood.

This is a fun one.

Errr… So this one is like at the bottom of the barrel? Have you listened to it? A magnificent piece of extravaganza, that takes you right back to "Les Années Folles". It's crazy, it's catchy, it's full of wordplay, and it shows you that Queen, back in those times, could play ANYTHING they want with ease and talent.

98 Mustapha

The most unique and amazing experiment vocal by Freddie Mercury

Shouldn't be on here

This song is the best

The most experimental and some kind of rebellious too.. really catchy and should be higher on the list, past those numerois normal popish songs that blend to the mass..

99 Pain is So Close to Pleasure
100 Gimme the Prize

Why its, so low? This song is masterpiece in its music style. I don't know any other heavy metal song which sounds like this. It's the song which introduced me to the Queen

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