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101 Mustapha

The most unique and amazing experiment vocal by Freddie Mercury

The most experimental and some kind of rebellious too.. really catchy and should be higher on the list, past those numerois normal popish songs that blend to the mass..

Shouldn't be on here

This song is the best

102 Misfire
103 Coming Soon
104 Pain Is So Close to Pleasure
105 Gimme the Prize

Why its, so low? This song is masterpiece in its music style. I don't know any other heavy metal song which sounds like this. It's the song which introduced me to the Queen

106 Good Company

This is one of Brian May's finest contributions to the band, in my opinion. It's on A Night at the Opera if you haven't heard it yet--and I do recommend it fully. It's achieved an old, Dixieland, jazz feel to it, without being tacky or annoying. Lovely, catchy little tune, but it tells a great story, a great lesson. A boy hears his father's lesson: "Take care of those you call your own, and keep good company" and attempts to follow the advice without really understanding it. By the end of his life, he's alone and fallen trap to the very thing his father warned him of. All the sound effects are done on the Doc's Red Special, he employs his lovely voice in this as well, so essentially, nearly everything here is Bri's work. Perhaps in that way, it should not be considered the best Queen song, but it is definitely one of their finer works.

God song I like it really much fredie love youu my favourite rock grou is queen I love it so muchh I want to meet them

107 My Melancholy Blues

I can't believe this gem is so low, it's so beautiful

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108 In My Defence
109 The Loser In the End
110 Action This Day

This song is the reason Hot Space is one of my favorite albums. Queen's the only band I know that can do so many genres of rock and can do it well. Dance is definitely one of them. It's one of my all-time favorites.

111 In Only Seven Days

John Deacon in general is overshadowed by his other talented band mates. I love this song, the acoustic and electric was played by Deacon as well, and the vocals are amazing. It's about falling in love fast and having to leave it behind. Overall a good song, I think it should at least be in the top 100. I do think there are better songs, and most of the higher number are in their correct places.

112 Modern Times Rock 'N' Roll
113 Tenement Funster

A hidden treasure I found from Queen, sung by Roger. Really underrated!

I don't think that Freddie is the only one that can sing in the band - Roger is great to!

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114 Football Fight

A song from "Flash Gordon"

115 One Year of Love

'Just one year of love... ' What a beautiful and amazing song. It should be least at top 30 - gyungmin

One of the best Queen songs... Should be played on UK Radio a lot.

Great song

116 Who Needs You
117 Keep Passing the Open Windows

I love this song severely underrated

If you're feeling suicidal, please listen to this song. This is my favorite song from the Works, which is an extremely underrated Queen album. Bassline is amazing and vocals are otherwordly.

118 Son and Daughter

One of the best riffs of all time. So hard for when it came out.

119 The Great Pretender

Really beautiful song it is obvious freddie is singing from his soul

Better than The Platters, much soul in it.

It's not really a Queen song. - SuperAJ303

120 Sleeping on the Sidewalk
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