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141 Jealousy

One of my favourite Queen songs - I would put this in the top 5, together with Bohemian Rhapsody, We are the Champions, Love of my Life and It's a Hard Life! These songs all have some things in common - they are piano led, with Freddie having written them and being at the piano. I love songs written by the other band members too, it's just that these are my favourites and they happen to be all Freddie's! - Shugs

I absolutely love this song. How is this not in top ten.. Damn! The bass, the harmony, the guitar with sitar effect and awesome melody.. What more you want from a song?

This should be mentioned before others along with You are my best friend, since this shows Queen can play Jazz too.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG, and I can't believe its not top 10 either... The melody, lyrics and the whole feeling of the song that mercury gives us is something incredibly amazing. This isn't as known and popular as many others, from the album jazz, but still one of the greatest and my favourites.
How how how oh my jealosy

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142 The Miracle

Incredible song and beauty words. The change at the end is simply awesome. For me, this song deserves to be in top 20.

It has a nice beat to it, and the lyrics are so meaningful.

This is one of my favorite songs from queen! How can it not be in the top 10?!

Taylor deacon mercury and may have 100,000,000,000 faces

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143 I Was Born to Love You

The rhythm captures you from the first word and you can't do anything unless continue till the last second!

I was born to love queen!

Seriously this song should be higher in the list.

Why is this song so low.. come on this song is amazing!

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144 See What a Fool I've Been

This is a song of very first albums of queen with amazing voice of Freddie.

I never thought I would like a blues song.

145 In the Lap of the Gods
146 I Go Crazy
147 Long Away
148 Cool Cat

My favourite song is #81.. this song is extremely underrated!

149 Arboria (Planet of the Tree Men)
150 Untitled
151 Dear Friends

A very personal song for me; moving and yet hopeful- Thanks Freddie.

This song may help you to sleep if you have trouble in sleeping

152 Calling All Girls
153 Feelings, Feelings

An awesome song from the B-side of News Of The World. It is not "properly" recorded, but awesome anyway! Worth a listen!

154 Funny How Love Is
155 Yeah

The best song ever! Lol! So easy to sing and if your nervous at karaoke, sing this song. This is how it goes. "Yeah." Yep, that's it.

Yeah!, there. That's the song. If you want to listen to this song, just say the word Yeah. Not worth listening to.

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156 Fun It

Best queen song ever! First time I listened to jazz and this came on I was BLOWN AWAY!

157 My Life Has Been Saved
158 It's a Beautiful Day
159 The Night Comes Down
160 God Save the Queen
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