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41 Turnin' on the Screw

Awesome riff, awesome beat, awesome feel, awesome everything! My absolute favorite qotsa song.

42 Do It Again

Way to low should be in top 15 at least!

I would have put this in top 10 easy

Simply deserves first 5

43 Tension Head

Honestly the best song of rated R other than Auto Pilot sounds like it is the roots to Millionaire

44 Tangled Up In Plaid

Song is amazing. Should be way more popular

45 The Evil Has Landed The Evil Has Landed

Amazing song from start to finish! The guitar sounds great in it!

Love the guitar in this song flawless

Love the song amazing guitar

The "Black Dog" of Queens of the stone age, dirty, catchy and memorable, not only QOTSA, it's Josh's essence on one song.

46 Never Say Never

What a great choice for a cover song! It felt as if they wrote it, yet when I compare it to Romeo Void's version, it still sounds like a completely distinctive and different song.

Just love everything about this song. But what really caught my attention well of course the lyrics. And is a great song to drive to.

47 Misfit Love

This songs introduction is perfect. then it slowly progresses and has an incredible payoff ending like "my designer", "leg of lamb", and "you would know".

Check out the performance at the Henry Rollins Show. Wicked Tune.

Awesome dance tune with a great feel. Every single instrument compliments the others perfectly. The intro is out of this world. One of QOTSA's best tracks.

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48 I'm Designer

This song has the perfect balance of an awkward yet catchy riff, and on top of that it has just awesome lyrics. Some say it's not their best song.. Counterproposal: I go home and jerk off.

49 Keep Your Eyes Peeled

What the hell?! 53rd place seriously?! This song is amazing, massively underrated and deserves to be much higher on this list.

50 I Was a Teenage Hand Model

This song is the best of their first album and could be listened to for hours

51 Feet Don't Fail Me

Best riff and chorus of all time!

52 Into the Hollow

It's the sound that Queens of the Stone Age was born to create! It's from Era Vulgaris and just sounds so smooth. You can listen to it so many times over without getting sick of it.

A very underrated song, yet one of their best.
Shows a side of Homme rarely heard. This song does great justice to his vocal range.

54? Wow, I though that this could challenge for their bwst song. the whole album where it was released from

53 This Lullaby
54 Monsters in the Parasol
55 Run, Pig, Run
56 The Bronze V 1 Comment
57 The Vampyre of Time and Memory

What a haunting track that is only compounded by the equally eerie video. The guitar sizzles and wails over the plodding drums like the steady footsteps of movie serial killer. Unreal song and a shame it's this low on the countdown.

Dark... Takes the listener to a place where the layers of consciousness are peeled back ever so slowly with reckless abandon.

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58 The Way You Used to Do

Best song from the new album, prominent riff and addicting chorus.

59 Suture Up Your Future

Just amazing, so emotional and hypnotizing, most surprising from all of their great tracks.

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60 The Blood is Love

The lyrics are just insane. Quality is pure and it could be considered one of the darkest love songs ever, even when it was written about someone on their death bed.

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