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61 The Bronze V 1 Comment
62 Keep Your Eyes Peeled

What the hell?! 53rd place seriously?! This song is amazing, massively underrated and deserves to be much higher on this list.

63 Fortress
64 Suture Up Your Future

Just amazing, so emotional and hypnotizing, most surprising from all of their great tracks.

V 1 Comment
65 The Blood is Love

The lyrics are just insane. Quality is pure and it could be considered one of the darkest love songs ever, even when it was written about someone on their death bed.

66 Quick and to the Pointless
67 Leg of Lamb V 1 Comment
68 White Wedding

QotSA version is actually quite good... and creepy. - isturbo1984

69 Broken Box

Just pure fun and power. great great song.

70 Long Slow Goodbye

Genius songwriting. josh really knows how to make very simple things amazing. great way to end lullabies.

71 Born to Hula
72 Walkin' on the Sidewalks
73 Give the Mule What He Wants

Amazing riff

74 Infinity
75 Head Like a Haunted House Head Like a Haunted House
76 Everybody Knows that You're Insane


77 Fairweather Friends

Love this song, reminds me of A Brave New World from Jeff Wayne's Musical War of the Worlds.

This should be higher on the list... I mean Dave and Elton John... Great sound and lyrics

78 Medication
79 River In the Road

I love this song guess other people don't.

V 1 Comment
80 Ode to Clarissa
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