Top 10 Question to Ask Loud House Fans

The Top Ten Question to Ask Loud House Fans

1 Who's Your Favorite Loud House Character

I think that I like Lori the best. She is so funny, even though she's not trying to be.

Lincoln. He puts up with way too much.

My has always been Lucy. - egnomac

Leni Loud - Legoguy

2 What's Your Least Favorite Loud House Episode?

A Tale of Two Tables - Gangem

No such luck - BoyGenius234

No such luck

Brawl in The Family I Hate this episode, I Hate It, I Hate It, I Hate It, everything in this episode is just stupid and pointless Lincoln is the only one who is trying to put an end to the fighting in a previous episode we saw Lincoln helping Lucy and Lynn make up after getting into a argument yet in this episode it doesn't work with Leni and Lori who just act like a bunch of immature babies and the sisters are no better they tell him to butt out and let them resolve it on their own even though they constantly get involved in his business. - egnomac

3 What's Your Favorite Loud House Episode?

Hands down my all time favorite is Undie Pressure it features all the Loud sisters and Lincoln making a bet and its filled with tons of funny moments including Lola looking like The Joker, Luan hysterically laughing her self to exhaustion after being asked why the chicken crossed the road? , Lori getting diarrhea after drinking a milkshake from Bobby. - egnomac

Driving miss hazy - BoyGenius234

Get the Message - Gangem

Mine is Driving Mrs Hazy, because it is hilarious and Leni Loud is my Favorite Character - Legoguy

4 Who's Your Least Favorite Loud House Character?

Lola. - Userguy44

Lily, she doesn’t add much to the plot. - blackflower

lola - BoyGenius234

I use to really hate Lori but as I re-watch a lot of the old episodes and some of the newer ones I don't thinks she's that bad yeah sure there are times when she really acts like a total B word but I can see where shes coming from she the oldest and has 10 younger siblings to look after of course she lets all the power go to her head but as we've seen in No Guts No Glori she's the only one who can maintain order even though she yells and bosses everyone around she does actually care about them even when it looks like she doesn't. - egnomac

5 Are There Any Bad Episodes of Loud House You Like That Other People Hate?

One of the Boys yes I know its bad but I still like the concept of Lincoln getting brothers instead of sisters if only they had executed it a lot better. - egnomac

No Such Luck and Brawl in the Family, yeah I know those are the two most hated episodes - Gangem

6 Will The Loud House Still Be Good Without Chris Savino?

Only time will tell as history has show more often than not when the creator of a show leaves for what ever reason the show tends to go through horrible changes just look at when John Krischfaluci got fired from The Ren & Stimpy despite having a few good episodes it had a whole lot of horrible episodes and don't even get me started on Sponge Bob. - egnomac

yes - BoyGenius234

Possibly - Gangem

7 Who's Funnier Luan or Leni?

6 votes for Leni
2 votes for Luan

I always found Luan to be annoying, I always thought Leni was funnier.

Luan Loud by far!

Defiantly Luan

8 Should Luna and Sam Get Together?

My answer is yes I personally don't think it a problem. - egnomac

No, because less religious people will watch the loud house now - BoyGenius234

definitely - blackflower

Yes - ElSherlock

9 What's The Worst Loud House Moment?

When the loud family's too mean on lincoln - BoyGenius234

When Lincoln is kicked out of his own house by his family because they they think he's unlucky this is child abandonment and if people actually saw how they treated Lincoln in this episode both his parents would be in jail they do eventually apologize but if I were Lincoln I wouldn't have forgiven them that easily. - egnomac

Lincoln filming his sisters in Making the Case - Gangem

10 Are There Any Episodes You Hate That Other People Like?

Tricked and No Laughing Matter - Gangem

L is for love - BoyGenius234

L is for love, I just don't like (I have nothing against gay people by the way) - Legoguy

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11 Which Loud House Sister Would You Least Want to Have as a Sister?

lola - BoyGenius234

Lola definitely Lola.

12 Which Loud House Sister Would You Most Want to Have as A Sister?

Lucy or Luan - ElSherlock

lynn - BoyGenius234

Luna or Lynn. - Userguy44

Luna Loud. - egnomac

13 Who's Hotter Lori or Leni?

Leni. - Userguy44

leni - BoyGenius234

Leni more hotter and a lot nicer.

14 Do You have an Idea for a Loud House Episode?

I do, it is called "North Korea House"
Lori - Kim Il sung
lisa - Kim Jong il
lola - Kim Jong Un
Leni Loud - Donald Trump
Lana Loud - Than Shwe
Lynn - Raul Castro
Luna - Hillary Clinton
Lincoln - Vladimir Putin
Luan - Moon Jae In
Lucy - Ali Khameni
lily - Nuke
Parents - China

15 Which Loud Sister Do You Most Relate To?

Luna, the pressure of being someone your not to be successful, the fear of being hated for who you are, and the bisexual thing

16 Which Loud Sister Do You Share an Age With?
17 Are You a Lincoln Loud Fan or a Loud House Fan?
18 Why Do You Care More About Lincoln Than Your Own Family?
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