Top Ten Questions About Alice Cooper to Ask People


The Top Ten

1 Poison or House of Fire

House Of Fire is my favorite Alice Cooper song of all time. Though Poison was the first song I've liked from him, House Of Fire sounds better, in my opinion.

Poison, though I love both songs. - warrantsbestgirl

2 Eighteen or Billion Dollar Babies

Billion Dollar Babies! - warrantsbestgirl

3 Hey Stoopid or Ballad of Dwight Fry

I actually prefer Alice's solo work to the original band (Alice has had such a long career, I think it depends on one's age) but while the Hey Stoopid album overall is one of my favorites, I will go with Ballad of Dwight Fry here, such a classic song. - warrantsbestgirl

4 Only Women Bleed or No More Mr. Nice Guy

Tough, but Only Women Bleed. - warrantsbestgirl

5 He's Back or Teenage Frankenstein

I think the Constrictor album is very underrated. I will go with, He's Back. - warrantsbestgirl

6 Eleanor Rigby or How You Gonna See Me Now

Eleanor Rigby, what an amazing cover of the old Beatles song. - warrantsbestgirl

7 You and Me or Welcome to My Nightmare

Welcome To My Nightmare-One of the first songs that got me into the legend that is the greatest hard rocker of all-time, Alice Cooper! - warrantsbestgirl

8 I'm the Coolest or Desperado

Desperado. - warrantsbestgirl

9 I Am the Future or Dangerous Tonight

I like those early 80's Alice albums a lot, but I have to do with Dangerous Tonight off of the Hey Stoopid album. - warrantsbestgirl

10 Love's a Loaded Gun or Vengeance is Mine

Love's a Loaded Gun is a personal favorite of mine, so I will go with this one. - warrantsbestgirl

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