Top Ten Questions About Alice Cooper to Ask People


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1 Poison or House of Fire

Poison, though I love both songs. - warrantsbestgirl

2 Eighteen or Billion Dollar Babies

Billion Dollar Babies! - warrantsbestgirl

3 Hey Stoopid or Ballad of Dwight Fry

I actually prefer Alice's solo work to the original band (Alice has had such a long career, I think it depends on one's age) but while the Hey Stoopid album overall is one of my favorites, I will go with Ballad of Dwight Fry here, such a classic song. - warrantsbestgirl

4 Only Women Bleed or No More Mr. Nice Guy

Tough, but Only Women Bleed. - warrantsbestgirl

5 He's Back or Teenage Frankenstein

I think the Constrictor album is very underrated. I will go with, He's Back. - warrantsbestgirl

6 Eleanor Rigby or How You Gonna See Me Now

Eleanor Rigby, what an amazing cover of the old Beatles song. - warrantsbestgirl

7 You and Me or Welcome to My Nightmare

Welcome To My Nightmare-One of the first songs that got me into the legend that is the greatest hard rocker of all-time, Alice Cooper! - warrantsbestgirl

8 I'm the Coolest or Desperado

Desperado. - warrantsbestgirl

9 I Am the Future or Dangerous Tonight

I like those early 80's Alice albums a lot, but I have to do with Dangerous Tonight off of the Hey Stoopid album. - warrantsbestgirl

10 Love's a Loaded Gun or Vengeance is Mine

Love's a Loaded Gun is a personal favorite of mine, so I will go with this one. - warrantsbestgirl

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