Top Ten Questions About Bad SpongeBob Episodes to Ask People

I was watching SpongeBob today and some of my least favorite episodes were on. So

The Top Ten

1 One Coarse Meal or Are You Happy Now?

Are You Happy Now?

Both episodes involve a character being driven to suicide. I have mixed feelings on them both (I bet you hate me for thinking that).

One coarse meal, only because I've never seen Are you happy now? (I think) - nintendofan126

Neither. They're both bad. - IcetailofWishClan

2 Funny Pants or A Day Without Tears?

Both are annoying, but I hated Funny Pants more.

I hat funny pants way more because the story was boring. A Day Without Tears is interesting

I know I am going to get screwed for this, but honestly Funny Pants. - IcetailofWishClan

Funny Pants. That episode's good. - Powerfulgirl10

3 A Pal for Gary or Pet Sitter Pat?

Pet Sitter Pat. My sister was so scared of A Pal For Gary, and I just never liked that episode anyway

Pet Sitter Pat. I didn't sleep for three days after seeing A Pal For Gary. - RockFashionista

I hate both, but I hate A Pal for Gary more, so I pick PST. - EpicJake

A pal for Gary is barely worse than pet sitter pat - Spongebobwebarebearsfan

4 Gullible Pants or To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants?

Both were terrible, but I found Gullible Pants to be worse because it was GROSS.

Again, neither. - IcetailofWishClan

5 Stuck in the Wringer or Overbooked?

Overbooked was actually good. Stuck in the Wringer was a SpongeBob torture porn. - Powerfulgirl10

I don't think I've seen Overbooked, but Stuck in the Wringer was pretty bad, and I am choosing that. - Minecraftcrazy530

Stuck in the Wringer is way way worse. Overbooked had a good formula that totally made sense.

Both involve SpongeBob being tortured. I actually thought Overbooked was worse, because it was so annoying.

6 Boating Buddies or Summer Job?

Both are about SpongeBob torturing the two people that hate him the most. But I thought Summer Job was worse.

I'd say boating buddies was worse - Spongebobwebarebearsfan

7 The Best Day Ever or SpongeBob's House Party?

Both are awful specials in which everything goes wrong. But Best Day Ever is just marginally worse. Still, I hate them both.

I actually love party pooper pants

Best day ever is worse - Spongebobwebarebearsfan

The second one. - IcetailofWishClan

8 Cephalopod Lodge or Good Neighbors?

Both are brutal Squidward torture porn episodes, but I would only choose Good Neighbors since it is lesser of the two evils. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Both are Squidward Torture Porns. But I thought Cephalopod Lodge was worse.

Good Neighbors is definitely worse I actually love cephalopod lodge.

Good neighbors is worse to me - Spongebobwebarebearsfan

9 The Splinter or House Fancy?

House Fancy. There's nothing more gross than a piece of wood getting shoved someone's thumb, trash being dumped in it, and pus shooting at a crab's face. - Powerfulgirl10

House Fancy. I love that episode, it's actually my favorite. The Splinter is gross

The splinter is worse - Spongebobwebarebearsfan

I actually love house fan cy. t he splinter is GIANT AND PURPLE AND FULL OF PUSS WITH A GIANT PULSING VEIN! EW!

10 Giant Squidward or Squid Wood?

Like Cephalopod Lodge and Good Neighbors, these are both Squidward Torture Porns. I hated Squid Wood more.

Squid Wood was not that bad in my opinion. - Powerfulgirl10

Giant Squidward is worse - Spongebobwebarebearsfan

The Contenders

11 Squid Baby or A Breath of Fresh Squidward?

Once again, we have two Squidward torture porns. But I hate Squid Baby more.

Squid baby is worse - Spongebobwebarebearsfan

Breath of Fresh Squidward. - Powerfulgirl10

12 The Splinter or Stuck In The Wringer?

The Splinter because Spongebob isn't tortured by Patrick.

Stuck in the Wringer. - Powerfulgirl10

13 One Coarse Meal or A Pal for Gary?

Neither. - IcetailofWishClan

Oh God - PeeledBanana

14 A Pal for Gary or The Great Snail Race?

The Great Snail Race.

15 Atlantis SquarePantis or Truth or Square?

Atlantis SquarePantis

16 Jellyfishing or The Thing?

Jellyfishing. by the way, I added this.

17 Dumped or Yours, Mine, and Mine?

I actually think Dumped is a lot worse than the latter. - IcetailofWishClan

18 The Splinter or Squid's Visit?

The splinter is worse - Spongebobwebarebearsfan

Squid's Visit. - Powerfulgirl10

19 House Fancy or Squid's Visit?
20 Squid's Visit or Boating Buddies?
21 Demolition Doofus or One Coarse Meal?
22 Demolition Doofus or Boating Buddies?
23 House Fancy or Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful?
24 Atlantis SquarePantis or Whatever Happened to SpongeBob?
25 Tentacle Vision or Squid Wood?
26 Giant Squidward or Squid Baby?
27 Fools in April or Little Yellow Book?
28 Demolition Doofus or Little Yellow Book?
29 Whale of a Birthday or Mall Girl Pearl?
30 A Pal for Gary or One Coarse Meal?
31 Whirly Brains or Reef Blower?
32 Mall Girl Pearl or Whale of a Birthday?
33 Boat Smarts or Boating Buddies?
34 Squid Baby or Goo Goo Gas?
35 Dear Vikings or Trenchbillies?
36 Choir Boys or Boating Buddies?
37 Sandy's Rocket or Rodeo Daze?
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