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1 Who is your favorite Beatle?

Paul McCharmly. - Misfire

George Harrison by far. He has had such an amazing solo career as well as his songs he made in The Beatles. What beautiful man


Mr. Lennon for sure. He wrote the better songs. He was a better singer. He was a peace activist. He was not selfish like Paul. On A Hard Day's Night, Paul sings the verse on the title track and gets the more memorable harmony on If I Fell, though they are both John's compositions. And Paul sings alone on his three songs from that album, And I Love Her, Can't Buy Me Love and Things We a Said Today; all of them could have used harmonies. - backflip

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2 Favorite Beatles Song?

I can't pick just one... - Misfire

And Your Bird Can Sing. I remember it from my days of first listening to the Beatles, on a trip to New York. I can still see where I was when I first heard it, what I was doing (staring out the schoolbus window on a field trip to NYC), and it's one of those rare songs that sticks with you and makes you go "wow," - BeatlesMW

Michelle - it's actually quite underrated, very beautiful song - kaitlynrad11

Don't LET ME DOWN - Sdnoire

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3 Favorite Beatles Album?

It's pretty much a tie between Revolver and Abbey Road. - PetSounds

Abby Road: it is the reason I like the Beatles, it is the reason I like listening to albums, and it is the reason I love music.

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. But I love most of their albums. - IronSabbathPriest

The best album of all time, also known as Sgt. Pepper. - Alpha101

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4 Worst Beatles Song?

I want to hold your hand

Revolution 9 is a stupid song.

Wild Honey Pie. And I find Hello Goodbye to be one of the best! It's catchy and upbeat! - MontyPython

"Yellow Submarine", "Hello Goodbye", and "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" are a few I can't stand. - PetSounds

May be the first time I have to strenuously disagree with you my friend, while still respecting and defending your right to honest opinion - Billyv

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5 Worst Beatles Album?

No bad album but it has to be with the beatles - Sdnoire

I wouldn't cal any Beatles album bad, but With the Beatles doesn't have a lot of their own content on it (being the second made) so maybe that one? Still love it, though. - BeatlesMW

Is that even a thing? - Pony

No Beatles album is terrible or bad in any way, but the weakest one would definitely be Beatles For Sale.

The songs are great, yes, but kind of bland as well. The ones that stood out were "Mr. Moonlight" (My favorite, but everyone else's hated for some strange reason.) and "I'll Follow the Sun". - MontyPython

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6 Beatle with the Best Solo Career?

Everyone on the top tens hates that Wonderful Christmas Time, but its one of my favourite Christmas songs.

John! Not even close! Imagine, Mind Games, Happy Xmas, All of plastic Ono! Paul just had a couple hits like Maybe I'm amazed and Uncle Albert. George had nothing after the All Things Must Pass album.

Wrong with most of what you said... John's was great early on with Plastic Ono and Imagine, Paul has RAM and Band On The Run, Whilst George had All Things Must Pass... - lachiemc

McCartney for the privilege of longevity. George and John for brilliance. Ringo for having Fun and esp forming and fronting his All-Starr Band(s). Now, if we are really talking "solo" careers as being not as the frontman for other on-going bands, it is George Harrison without a doubt - Billyv

George all the way! I've got my mind set on you, do do do do.. - MontyPython

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7 Beatle With The Best Mustache?

John's Sgt. Pepper mustache was incredible. I love it. - BeatlesMW

Paul looked great with a mustache. But the answer is Ringo. - BeatlesFan1964

John - backflip


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8 Do you think Ob-La- Di, Ob-La-Da is a good song?

I love Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-the. I play it on the piano and it is really fun. But I don't blame people for hating it (even though I said something completely different when I commented on the Beatles Worst Song list). I do blame people for hating Maxwell's Silver Hammer. That song is spectacular.

Terrible song.

yES! - Sdnoire

This is a great song! What's with all the hate? - IronSabbathPriest

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9 Do you wish John Lennon and George Harrison were still alive?

Of course I do. - Misfire

Yeah for a reunion but don't need to attack Justin Bieber on every single list. I will one day find out how to report this website.

Yes cause the Beatles might've gotten back together, Paul won't be rapping with Kayne west, and Justin beiber would get booed of stage, yea MAINSTREAM POP SUCKS PEOPLE GET IT THROUGH YOUR EMPTY SKULLS!

Totally. I miss them so much! They would've helped music and the world today. - MontyPython

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10 Beatles Album with the Best Cover?

That's tough. Definitely the earlier ones, like Please Please Me, where they were all young and fresh-faced and had minimal problems with each other. I feel like towards the end some aspects of their career were slightly tainted. So maybe A Hard Days Night, because you can see their personalities and they're amazing. Revolver is also really beautiful and artistic. - BeatlesMW

Tough one.

My favorites:
A Hard Days Night - Really shows lots of personality.
Revolver - Has a mysterious feel to it.
Beatles For Sale - Seems simple, cute, and nice.
Sgt. Peppers - Really colorful and interesting.
Abbey Road - Classic and nostalgic.
Magical Mystery Tour - Really creative and lacks dull imagination.
Help! - Has a nice, fun tone to it. Really grabs you and makes you pay attention.

Overall, all of the album covers are great. - MontyPython

I'm not sure...I really liked Abbey road.

Abbey road they looked even cooler

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11 Beatles Song with the Weirdest Name?

Everyone's got something to hide except me and my monkey - Also the best song title ever. - IronSabbathPriest

Everybody's got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey and You Know My Name (Look Up the Number). - BeatlesFan1964

Why Don't We Do it in the Road? Always made me smile and laugh- and slightly question the Beatles' sanity. - BeatlesMW

Everybody's got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey.

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12 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, or Revolution 9?

Both are awesome - Sdnoire

Some people think Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-the is stupid and some people (such as myself) think is a good and very fun song. But whoever heard of someone enjoying Revolution 9?

I liked revolution 9

Revolution 9 sucks people on la di was fun

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13 Did you know that Pete Best was in the band?

Yep seen him in The Beatles Story Museum Lol.
I have seen him in real life, the only one though.
I would need a time machine to see all of them.

Yes. - Misfire

Yeah. Ringo replaced him in the very beginning

Yes. I know almost all the Beatles history.

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14 Do you like the movie Yellow Submarine?

When I was 11 years old on television.
I watched it again on dvd it was a bit confusing, all I know is the blue meanies hated music.

It's one of my favorites! I love getting lost in the intricate, psychedelic world of my favorite band. - BeatlesMW

Help is really the only Beatles movie I like. - PositronWildhawk

Definitely! Such a great movie - kaitlynrad11

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15 Which Beatles Song do you think has the best lyrics?

I'm uncertain, but I think While My Guitar deserves more credit for its lyrics. - PositronWildhawk

Strawberry Fields Forever, Girl, Eleanor Rigby, Across The Universe, In My Life to name a few. - lachiemc

The Fool on the Hill. It used to really speak to me when I first heard it, listening to the song was kind of magical. - BeatlesMW

Lucy on the Sky With Diamonds. That song makes me feel like I'm drifting on clouds... - Alpha101

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16 How many Beatles are alive?

3 ( Including Pete Best). - Pony

Two at the moment. Wish it was four, though. - BeatlesMW

2, Paul and Ringo

17 Who of the Beatles members would you want to marry?

I'm not the one for dating and I don't really have feelings for any of the Beatles, but...

Ringo would seem like a funny partner who'd cheer you up. A slight problem would be that he'd be a bit careless at times.

George would be there to comfort you when in doubt. But a small problem is, he's always so quiet and he never manages to save any leftovers for you.

Paul would be the one who'd always talk on and on about how beautiful and amazing you are. Careful! He's still flirty towards others.

John would be the caring one who'd always shower you affection, and he'd been the one to defend you in certain situations. He'd might show a little bit of jealousy though.

If I had to choose, it would be George. Classic loving, understandable Harrison. - MontyPython

Either Paul or Ringo. George is quiet and kind of reserved, and John doesn't have a great track record with his romantic endeavors. Then again, Paul wants lots of kids, and I don't. So Ringo, my cute, sweet partner. - BeatlesMW

Um, what kind of question is this? - PinkFloyd87

George - Sdnoire

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18 Is Revolution 9 really that bad?

I really like the idea of making something that chaotic, and John would have had a classic if he had used more musical chaos instead of creepy noise.

Think of it more as expanding one's horizons. - PositronWildhawk

Yes. It's not the good strange that other Beatles songs are, and I don't even know if I'd really call it a song. - BeatlesMW

Yep I listen to it 5 times and still scares me and it sucks

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19 Most Psychedelic Beatles Song?

I am the eggman, WOO, they are the eggmen, I AM THE WALRUS! GOO GOO GACHOO! - MontyPython

Blue Jay Way, I am the Walrus, Within You, Without You, or Tomorrow Never Knows. - BeatlesFan1964

Any of George's psychedelic sitar songs. They were crazy, but they're charming. - BeatlesMW

"And life flows on within you and without you"

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20 Did you know Stuart Sutcliffe was in the band?

Yeah, the original bassist. I'll take Paul on bass over him, no offense, Stu. - BeatlesMW

Is he that guy that replaced Ringo on one song, or am I making things up?

No. He was the bass player when they began as a 5 member group but he was more interested in painting and Paul was a much better bassist. See the movie Back Beat for an enjoyable encapsulation of that time - Billyv

With a name like "BeatlesFan1964" what do you think? - BeatlesFan1964

Yes I did - backflip

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21 Do you like Revolution 9?
22 Which Beatle was the most musically talented?

Paul, in my opinion. He had a lovely voice and played all the instruments on two of his solo albums

23 Do you know who gave The Beatles their initial famous haircuts?

Astrid Kirchherr, a gifted photographer who became Stu Sutcliffe's girl friend and took many of the popular early photos of the group - Billyv

Yes! Klaus Voorman's girlfriend. Stu Sutcliffe was the first one to sport it. Voorman would go on to design the cover for Revolver. - PetSounds

24 Do you like The Beatles: Rock Band?

Yes - BeatlesFan1964

25 What was the best Beatles movie?

A hard day's night!

26 What is the best single lyric?

Girl: "That a man must break his back to earn his day of pleasure, will she still believe it when he's dead? "
Strawberry Fields Forever: "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see". - lachiemc

27 Should Americans still like The Beatles after their reaction to John's "Jesus" joke.
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