Top Ten Questions About Bendy and the Ink Machine to Ask Users of TheTopTens


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1 Who are your favorite characters?

Bendy, Boris, & Alice. - ChatNoirFan18

Bendy and Henry - Ultron123


Sammy 4 Life

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2 Who are your least favorite characters?

Sammy and the Searchers - Ultron123

Sammy, so unlikable. - mattstat716

Ink Bendy/"Bendy". He's too scary. - ChatNoirFan18

3 What are your favorite items on the game?

The axe, Bacon Soup, and Bendy plush - Ultron123

Bacon Soup and Bendy plush. - ChatNoirFan18

Bacon. - mattstat716

4 What are your favorite songs?

Build Our Machine, Can't Be Erased, and Blood & Ink. - ChatNoirFan18

Build our machine - Ultron123

5 What do you think about the game?

It's alright, I guess. - mattstat716

Awesome. - Ultron123

6 Characters that you would want to befriend?

Bendy, Alice, Boris and Henry. - Ultron123

Alice and Boris. - ChatNoirFan18

7 Bendy or Boris?

Bendy. - Ultron123


I'd rather choose... hm..
I guess bendy. - mattstat716

8 What are your favorite quotes in the game (i.e. The Creator Lied To Us)?

"The Creator Lied To Us","Dreams Come True", and "Who's Laughing Now? " (also really good for annoys your friends, lol). - ChatNoirFan18

"The creator lied to us" and "who's laughing now? " - Ultron123

9 Do you like the Alternate Universe (Boris and The Swap Machine)?

Yes. I like Angel Bendy. - ChatNoirFan18

10 If you want to make a BaTIM crossover, which one the franchises you want to add?

Gosh, so hard. But, I want Randy Cunningham and BaTIM crossover. - ChatNoirFan18

Undertale and Bendy crossover. Fite me - Ultron123

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