Reviewing With Ultron123: Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 1 and 2

So…Bendy. Yeah, it's the new game hitting the charts probably now. Let's just say, I think Bendy And The Ink Machine is amazing. Seriously, it's probably the best horror game since FNAF (which is dead at this point, but who cares?) So far, chapter 1 and 2 are out and I gotta say, they are pretty good. So let's see where it excels in.

The graphics are actually really weird. Some points the graphics look great, then a second later, the graphics look…really bad. One example is the canned soup 🍜 you can get and Sammy looked really detailed and nicely made. Then the Searchers (more on that later) that attack you look like garbage. The wood also, folllows the same setup. At one point they look decently made and the next second, they looked really weird and nothing like before. Score: 7 out of 10

The gameplay was great, but also pretty confusing. The controls were easy to get the hang of. (At least for me) But the real thing I did was walk around the place until I found out what to do. The game doesn't tell you anything. Sure, they tell you what to do like find the switches, but I didn't know where to look for the switches or what they looked like until I actually found something, clicked it and found out that it was a switch. The game also doesn't tell you what you can grab until you click something and find out that you picked it up. Also, there is the checkpoints. What's wrong? THERE AREN'T ANY!!! Yeah, if you die, YOU RESET AND START AT THE BEGINNING AGAIN!!! That was annoying, especially when I was stuck with those stupid ink blobs called Searchers. I died over and over again because the freaking axe is slow (not a huge deal) and I rage more and more because I have to repeat the same thing. Excuse me for being bored of the same thing the FIRST 1,000 TIMES!!! Also, the game doesn't tell you what, the things you can pick up do, like the soup. Score: 8 out of 10

Plot And Story:
The basic story of Bendy And The Ink Machine is that Henry came back into his old recording studio that he hasn't been in a while. He was the creator of Bendy and Boris. Bendy was haunting the place as a demonic ink creature. The story was simple, but it was nice. This was actually unique having a recording studio out of everything else and I found it interesting. Also, Bendy was a nice villain. More on that later. Anyway, it is flawed however. Bendy may be a great villain, but it was never showed why and how Bendy turned demonic. Also, when we fall underneath the floor to the basement, we see a guy covered ink holding something. I'm assuming it's Sammy but we don't know why he's here and how he gained this ink body. Score: 8 out of 10.

The only real characters that has any remote personality is Henry. No one else has anything other than just being here. Bendy was interesting and he already had earned the reputation for being a threatening villain via killing Sammy and forcing Henry to run away. And those FREAKING SEARCHERS!!! But he shows literally no personality and makes no appearances other than just being cardboard. Sammy just showed up and dies. The protagonist (Henry) is the only one that has any real personality. That's it. And considering how small the cast is currently, that's not good for the characters. Score: 2 out of 10

The game is really good in my opinion. There are a few flaws but you probably won't waste your time.
Overall Score: 8 (great!)


I'm just hope that BATIM fandom wouldn't like the next cancerous Fnaf fandom... - visitor

Yeah… - Ultron123

Another flaw on this game is there is no jumpscare. If you get attacked by Ink Bendy/"Bendy", the scene get cutted and you only heard the bubbly sound. - visitor

What the heck happens? - Ultron123

The canned soup thing is Bacon Soup.
I wonder how the taste looks like.

Also, this game started become my new interest. - visitor

Good news! BaTIM chapter 3 will be released! Did you saw a trailer? Also, if you look closely on number 3, there is an angel ring.

That means the new character confirmed: Alice Angel. - visitor

Can review SOMA? - visitor

What's SOMA? - Ultron123

It's a horror/sci-fi game by Frictional Games about a guy named named Simon who got trapped in the abandoned futuristic lab named Pathos-II in a year of 2104.

More infos? Search it on google. - visitor

I already tried searching it. All that got me was this store for women. - Ultron123

Search "Soma video game". - visitor