Top Ten Questions About Big Brother UK to Ask People


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1 Davina or Emma?

Emma gets the job done, but Davina is the BB queen! - gemcloben

I prefer Davina. I think she had a a better 'way' with the contestents. She also presented it at a time when BB seemed more real. - Britgirl

2 Nikki or Pete Bennett?

As funny as Pete was (and I do believe he was a worth and deserving winner), I choose Nikki any day. She is the best housemate ever. No doubt. - gemcloben

I loved Pete! He was lovely but I never got the 'relationship' between him and Nikki. That was weird. Pete was too adorable for "Who is she?! " Nikki. - Britgirl

3 Nick Bateman or Victor?

Victor made 'Nasty Nick' seem likea regular Father Christmas! I love hearing Victor talk (debate) so intelligent but, wow! So argumentative! - Britgirl

If they went in the house together, Vic would outshine Nick any day. But, I think for his influence in BB, Nick wins. - gemcloben

4 Gina or Dexter?

Dexter should have won. I think Gina was a funnier person, but Dexter knew how to manipulate the house and just play the game. That made him phenomenal to watch. - gemcloben

5 channel 4 or 5?

Channel 4. Just at a time I was watching it. It felt like watching another programme when it moved to Five. - Britgirl

4 was just legendary. Classic BB. - gemcloben

4 was just legendary. - gemcloben

6 Brian Belo or Brian Dowling?

Haha! Belo! He still makes me laugh whatever programme he happens to turn up in. Typical cheeky, Jack-The-Lad Essex boy! - Britgirl

Belo was comedy gold. Dowling was entertaining, but seriously overrated. - gemcloben

7 Luke A or Nadia?

Both were boring and only won for 1 reason... - gemcloben

Transexual Nadia! I loved her! She was SO sweet! - Britgirl

8 Josie or Chloe Wilburn?

Chloe annoys me, yet Josie had a brilliant personality. - gemcloben

9 Jade or Helen Wood

Jade is so overrated. Helen was the best female villain. - gemcloben

10 Jack and Joe or Sam and Amanda?

Sam and Amanda! Obvious choice! - gemcloben

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11 Why would you even watch that horrible show?
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