Top Ten Questions About Cartoon Characters to Ask People

The Top Ten

1 Bugs Bunny or Homer Simpson?

I pick Homer Simpson. - cosmo

Bugs Bunny, because I used to like him. - AnimeDrawer

Bugs Bunny, because he's more clever.

2 Daffy Duck or Tom?

Tom, because he was my childhood, along with Jerry - AnimeDrawer

3 Mordecai or Rigby?
4 Patrick Star or Bender?

Patrick Star, I do not know Bender very well. - AnimeDrawer

5 Spongebob or Stewie Griffin?
6 Bart Simpson or Squidward Tentacles?
7 Fred Flintstone or Scooby Doo?

The Flinstones was an okay show, but Scooby Doo is better. - AnimeDrawer


8 Ed or Peter Griffin?
9 Roadrunner or Speedy Gonzales?
10 Mickey Mouse or Patrick Star?

The Contenders

11 Gumball or Darwin?
12 Twilight Sparkle or Sanjay?

Twilight Sparkle, She is way better than Sanjay - Neonco31

Um, is this a trick question? Obviously Twilight Sparkle for the following reasons: 1) Twilight is way smarter. 2) Sanjay is more concerned for his own wellbeing than that of others. 3) Twilight is a princess. and 4) I doubt Sanjay has ever forgiven anybody, regardless of what they did.

13 Cat Noir Or Danny Phantom?

I hate Miraculous and find it overrated and unoriginal trash so Danny because I love his show and him.

14 Bob the Builder or Handy Manny?
15 Mac or Bloo?
16 Jerry Mouse or Tweety Bird?
17 Finn or Jake?

Jake. Because he is so cute and funny, he make me laugh. But Finn is stupid and naive kid, I will kill him. - 05yusuf09

18 Beast Boy or Nom Nom?
19 Corey Riffin or Tyler Bowman?
20 Danger Mouse or Agent Xero?
21 Ice Bear or Panda?

Ice Bear... obviously... HE'S THE BEST!

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