Top 10 Questions About Certain Video Games from the Same Series as Each Other to Ask People

The Top Ten Questions About Certain Video Games from the Same Series as Each Other to Ask People

1 Which of the two all-time most ludicrously hyped-up Zelda titles besides Link To The Past is the TRUE crown jewel of the franchise? (Ocarina Of Time vs Breath Of The Wild)
2 Which is creepier? (Super Metroid VS Metroid Fusion)

Creepiness/disturbingness highlights from each game:

Super Metroid:
Title-screen intro
Abandoned Ceres Station
First arrival on Crateria
Abandoned Tourian and Blue Brinstar
Torizo Statue miniboss
Golden Statue in Crateria
Spore Spawn miniboss
Lower Brinstar (especially its music) and Kraid Buildup (again, that music)
Upper Norfair's music
Speed Booster escape sequence
Crocomire's death
The Wrecked Ship
Phantoon boss fight
Maridia (ESPECIALLY its music) and the Mochtroids that dwell within
Draygon boss fight, especially with the Grappling Beam instakill trick
Broken Baby Metroid Tank in Lower Norfair after defeating Ridley
New Tourian (most especially its music)
Encountering the now-fully-grown Baby Metroid
Mother Brain's humanoid monster transformation - xandermartin98

Metroid Fusion:
Samus' parasite-removal surgery
First X-infected enemy encounter on Main Deck
Parasite-clogged fans and Chozo-X statue in Sector 1
This game's version of Super Metroid's eye doors
SA-X Introduction and Chase Scenes
X-Kihunter Larvae in Sector 2
Emergency in Sector 3
Serris' skeleton in Sector 4
Power Blackout Sequence
Sector 6 in general
Fake missile/energy tanks
Ice-X, when the player first encounters them
Frozen Ridley Corpse on Main Deck
Overgrown Reactor Core
Giant Core-X in Sector 6
Neo-Ridley boss fight
Rogue BOX Robot boss fight in Sector 6
Revelation that the SA-X multiplies
Restricted Area in Sector 6
Samus' Internal Despair Event Horizon Monologue in Sector 1
Nettori boss fight
Lower Sector 4
Nightmare Buildup and Boss Fight
SA-X's Monster Transformation
Omega Metroid Encounter - xandermartin98

3 Which installment from the Final Fantasy golden age has the overall best main villain? (Final Fantasy VI vs VII vs VIII vs IX)
4 Best remake of Metroid 2: Return Of Samus? (Another Metroid 2 Remake vs Samus Returns)
5 Which is worse? (Sonic 2006 vs Sonic Boom)

Obviously, Sonic 2006 is worse. At least Sonic Boom felt like a finished game.

6 Luigi's mind or Bowser's body? (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story vs Dream Team)
7 Which game is overall more brutally difficult than the other? (Castlevania 1 vs 3)
8 Which of these two games is crazier? (WarioWare Twisted vs Smooth Moves)
9 Which game has the more sickeningly cute main protagonist? (Parappa The Rapper vs Um Jammer Lammy)

Lammy in personality, Parappa in appearance - xandermartin98

10 Giygas memes aside, which game had the more deeply disturbing final boss? (Earthbound vs Mother 3)

The Contenders

11 Most overrated Zelda game? (Zelda NES vs Link To The Past vs Ocarina vs Majora vs Wind Waker vs Twilight Princess vs Skyward Sword vs Breath Of The Wild)

Ocarina of Time - Synchronocity

12 Best of the Three Best Kirby Games? (Return to Dreamland vs Triple Deluxe vs Planet Robobot)
13 Which was funnier? (Portal 1 vs 2)
14 Which game had the better portrayal of Bowser? (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story vs Paper Jam)
15 Which was Peter Puppy more of a nuisance in? (Earthworm Jim 1 vs 2)
16 Which game had the better atmosphere overall? (Super Metroid vs Metroid Prime)
17 Which is more underrated? (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes vs Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)
18 Which is the better Parappa sequel? (Parappa The Rapper 2 vs Um Jammer Lammy)
19 Which was the scariest of the four? (Five Nights At Freddy's 1 vs 2 vs 3 vs 4)
20 Best of the two world-map inventors of the Mario franchise? (Super Mario Bros 3 vs Super Mario World)
21 Which was scarier? (Half-Life 1 vs 2)
22 Which game actually has the better gameplay? (Chrono Trigger vs Chrono Cross)
23 Best sub-series of the Xeno series? (Xenogears vs Xenosaga vs Xenoblade)
24 Which has the better overall soundtrack? (Super Smash Bros Melee vs Brawl)
25 Best Wario Land installment after 2? (Wario Land 3 vs 4 vs Shake It)
26 Which Mario & Luigi was the most underrated? (Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time vs Dream Team vs Paper Jam)
27 Which Paper Mario was the most underrated? (Super Paper Mario vs Sticker Star vs Color Splash)
28 Overall best Danganronpa character cast? (Trigger Happy Havoc vs Goodbye Despair vs Killing Harmony)
29 Best remake of Metroid 1? (Zero Mission vs Super Metroid)
30 Best New Super Mario Bros? (DS vs Wii vs U)
31 Best Modern Rayman game? (Origins vs Legends)
32 Which Was the More Hilariously Awful of the Two? (Link: The Faces of Evil vs Zelda: Wand of Gamelon)
33 Which Was Funnier? (Banjo-Kazooie vs Banjo-Tooie)
34 Which Was Funnier? (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga vs Bowser's Inside Story)
35 Most Overrated Mario RPG? (Legend of the Seven Stars vs Thousand-Year Door vs Superstar Saga vs Bowser's Inside Story vs Dream Team)
36 Best "Modern Sonic Revival" Game? (Sonic Unleashed vs Colors vs Generations)
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