Top 10 Questions About Disney and Pixar Characters to Ask Users

This list is made for fun for questions about Disney characters. Some may not apply to certain users depending on which Movies they have and haven't seen. Anyhow, feel free to answer the Disney character questions below and/or add your own questions or random pair of Disney characters to choose from, whether the pairs of characters are from the same movie or different movies.

The Top Ten

1 Woody or Buzz?

Buzz - PeachyBlast

Woody! - Misfire

Woody - CrypticMemory

Buzz - Luckys

2 Who's Your Favorite Disney Character?

Mickey or Donald. - Misfire

Tough to pick - Randomator

Woody - FlareLightX

Bill Cipher - CrypticMemory

3 Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?

Mickey Mouse - FlareLightX

4 Who's Your Least Favorite Disney Characters?

Liv and Maddie - RoseWeasley

I don't know about this one. - FlareLightX

elsa - hcraw17

I don’t know - Randomator

5 Minnie Mouse or Daisy Duck?

Daisy is the best - Luckys

Minnie - Randomator

Minnie Mouse - FlareLightX

6 Lightning McQueen or Mater?

Lightning McQueen - FlareLightX

7 Belle or Cinderella?

Belle - FlareLightX

8 Which Disney Couple Do You Like the Most?

Bill Cipher and Toby Determined - CrypticMemory

Dipper and mabel - Luckys

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse - FlareLightX

9 Prince Naveen or Prince Phillip?

Prince Naveen - FlareLightX

10 Woody or Lightning McQueen?

Woody - FlareLightX

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