Top Ten Questions About Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

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Is Funtime Foxy a boy or girl?

Funtime foxy is based on the original foxy which is a boy, also have you ever heard a girl’s voice that deep?

It's a robot. Who the hell needs it's gender?

I think funtime foxy is a girl because foxy is wearing pink. I know anyone can wear pink

In ultimate custom night she appeared in Ladies Night Challenge.

What role does the game play in the story?

I do not know

What if Ballora opens her eyes?

They might have a corpse inside

She must have a guide dog or something. how the hell does she know where I am? - Penguino

She has a pretty sharp sense of sound. When one sensory organ closes, the others become sharper to replace it. - HistorianaPhilippiniana

I saw a comment on a picture that said there might be mouths under her eyes *shiver*.

Why is the animatronic named "Baby?"

Well, the creator, named Baby after his daughter's nickname.

Becaude she wsd born yesterday

Actually Scott Cawthan really wanted to make a Baby Animotronic but it would be weird to put it in fnaf4 or1,2,3 but he truly apologizes - Frisk

Is Funtime Freddy a boy or girl?

A BOY BRO - Penguino

Guys, has Freddy ever been a girl? - AFanOfTABS

Big question - Frisk

Boy. The voice. - DCfnaf

Is Funtime Foxy the offspring of Foxy and Toy Foxy?

Toy Foxy is Funtime Foxy. Mangle is too. - DCfnaf

Where does Minirena come from?

My guesses are:
a) They're Ballora's children/ sisters/ family members
b) They're Ballora's BFFs.
c) They're children who were part of Ballora's ballet class when all of them were alive, and when they died, they decided to team up and become dancing ballerinas. This was before Elizabeth Afton died.

Does the Bonnie puppet detach?

I don't know lol

I wanted to know this too... - TwilightKitsune


Does the player get to crawl through vents?
What are the small balls on Ballora's tutu?

Bells. - Wolfy_29

What... seriously this fanboy must be in the fnaf fanbase wanting to see Ballora blls

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If the crying child died at the end of FNAF 4, then how is he still dreaming?

Well, he might be living the past... I don't know, LET'S ASK MATPAT. - Wolfy_29

Dream Theory is Wrong that's why. - DCfnaf

It's same as five nights at candys 3 but with a girl and in the forgotten ending the cat becomes a nightmare and you see eyes which is creepy.

This isn't a dream you play as the crying child father William Afton - Carri796

Are all these characters girls?

No. - HistorianaPhilippiniana

Who the hell cares? - DCfnaf

Is there going to be a sequel to Sister Location?

Probably not. - Doge4lifeGaming


Sort of.
Fnaf6, or Pizzaria Simulator, came out a month ago, and the SL animatronics (and Springtrap) return as withered versions of their previous selves. - Wolfy_29

Who do we play as?

Who would want to spend their night at this place

We play as...
Mike Schmidt
Jeremy Fitzgerald
Fritz Smith
Another Nightguard
The bitten child(?)
Eggs Benedict
A non-canon Nightguard
Help you out? - Wolfy_29

Is the game a dream?

No. - Doge4lifeGaming

Ask Matpat - Wolfy_29

Why is Baby taller than the others?

Ennard is the Tallest

Her name clearly states she is a baby, even FREDDY'S shorter than her. - Wolfy_29

What is the timeline of the games?
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