Top Ten Questions About Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location


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1 What role does the game play in the story?
2 What if Ballora opens her eyes?

I saw a comment on a picture that said there might be mouths under her eyes *shiver*.

3 Is Funtime Foxy a boy or girl?

It's a robot. Who the hell needs it's gender?

Funtime foxy is a boy, because in custom night the tips they have on the bottom, called Funtime Foxy "He" and "Angsty Teen" aldo called Funtime foxy a "he"

Well, Mangle is genderless. And so is this animatronic. - Doge4lifeGaming

I see Funtime Foxy as a female, because in general, Foxy is more likely to be female.
Let's take a few looks at Foxy.
The curve of the hips remind me of Toy Chica, and what sort of male has that sort of body?
I noticed this too, but don't take this as literal.
The lipstick Foxy has... Mangle (I also think Mangle as female, because there IS proof for her feminine gender) has... but also Marionette, or the Puppet. The Marionette seems tk be in the sort of gender issue as well, but to all respects, I think it aquires Foxy a more feminine kind of look.
All the female characters (excluding FNAF WORLD) to date have eyelashes, with the Toy animatronics Bonnie and Freddy as exceptions. Although Foxy does NOT have eyelashes, we might just have been missing a key detail here.
Funtime Foxy is my favorite character in FNaF, not only due to this, but because Foxy just seems to be a very complex character.
One last notice...

4 Why is the animatronic named "Baby?"

Actually Scott Cawthan really wanted to make a Baby Animotronic but it would be weird to put it in fnaf4 or1,2,3 but he truly apologizes - Frisk

5 Is Funtime Freddy a boy or girl?

Guys, has Freddy ever been a girl? - AFanOfTABS

Big question - Frisk

Boy. The voice. - DCfnaf

6 Is Funtime Foxy the offspring of Foxy and Toy Foxy?

Toy Foxy is Funtime Foxy. Mangle is too. - DCfnaf

7 Where does Minirena come from?
8 Does the Bonnie puppet detach? V 2 Comments
9 Does the player get to crawl through vents?
10 What are the small balls on Ballora's tutu?

What... seriously this fanboy must be in the fnaf fanbase wanting to see Ballora blls

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11 If the crying child died at the end of FNAF 4, then how is he still dreaming?

Dream Theory is Wrong that's why. - DCfnaf

It's same as five nights at candys 3 but with a girl and in the forgotten ending the cat becomes a nightmare and you see eyes which is creepy.

This isn't a dream you play as the crying child father William Afton - Carri796

12 Are all these characters girls? V 1 Comment
13 Is the game a dream? V 1 Comment
14 Is there going to be a sequel to Sister Location? V 2 Comments
15 Who do we play as?

Who would want to spend their night at this place

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