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1 Burgers or French Fries?

Well at McDonalds, its either an extra-large fries or a BIG MAC NO MEAT.

I'll just get some seeds and grow my lunch in the back! - keycha1n

French Fries, I love burgers but some burgers are horrible, french fries are always good no matter what.

Burgers are nice, but French Fries are simpler and you can do them more often.

I prefer pizzas! - Sugarcubecorner

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2 Ketchup or Mustard?

Ketchup is one of the greatest condiments ever made but I am neutral with it but mustard is really bad considering it is called "the best". Mayo is my choice! - ArigatoKawaii

Ketchup, I like mustard but ketchup wins. It tastes great with burgers, french fries, chicken nuggets and fries.

To all you Americans out there... In Australia we call it Tomato Sauce, so for me I'm gonna vote Tomato Sauce - micahisthebest

BOTH. - Lunala

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3 Spaghetti or Mac and Cheese?

Spaghetti...I don't like Cheese that much ( Until unless it's used in small quantities in dishes ) - Ananya

Mac and cheese 4 life, mac and cheese is way better than spaghetti

Mac and Cheese. Especially the homemade types. - Turkeyasylum

Neither - lovefrombadlands

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4 Bacon or Eggs?

And just like the previous two items, I don't like either of these options either. Obviously I'm not a normal person. - Element119

I hate the way bacon smells, and don't eat pork. So eggs, but I do not love eggs unless they a poached or boiled. - Lucretia

Eggs, screw bacon, I hate bacon and love pigs, eggs are great

Eggs! - lovefrombadlands

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5 Pop Tarts or Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Pop tarts, if the flavor is blueberry, wild cherry or cherry. If the flavors aren't one of these, I would choose Cinnamon toast crunch. - 906389

Depends on the flavor of pop-tarts. - Turkeyasylum

Both are good. But I choose cinnamon toast crunch. - nintendofan126

Strawberry Pop Tarts - lovefrombadlands

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6 Cheese or Lettuce?

Depends on the cheese. If it's that awful over-processed cheese, then it's lettuce. If it's good, REAL cheese, then cheese it is. - Turkeyasylum

Lettuce is disgusting and tastes like grass. Cheese is one of my top 3 favourite foods. Obviously Cheese - Lunala

Well...cheese, but I don't like it much - but still taste good with dishes...and lettuce?..No thanks - Ananya

Mozzarella, cheddar, parmessan and provolone are the only cheeses I like. I also like lettuce but prefer those cheeses. - Lucretia

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7 Apples or Strawberries?

Well, I don't care much for either...but apples I suppose, as they can be made into apple dumplings-which are quite good. - Element119

Apples. Most of the time strawberries are S to the O to the you and the R! - RiverClanRocks

Strawberries, can be made into strawberry short cake or something. Apples hurt my teeth. - Lucretia

Apples! - Sugarcubecorner

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8 Fried Chicken or Sausages?

As a vegetarian fried chicken. I like pigs a lot, not so much chickens so I eat chicken a few times a month or once a week. - Lucretia

I despise both. Both foods are quite disgusting to me. I like grilled chicken though. - Element119

Screw sausages, fried chicken is yum yum (chicken abuse is sad though...)

Fried chicken! - lovefrombadlands

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9 Turkey Sandwiches or Grilled Cheese?

I guess turkey sandwiches, as long as they don't have any sauce on them. - Element119

I'll say grilled cheese in a heartbeat and not regret my decision. - FennikenFan9

Turkey Sandwiches, when it is not yet time to be spoiled. - ArigatoKawaii

Grilled Cheese - Lunala

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10 Pizza or Cheeseburgers

Well... I like cheese and meat pizzas but I also like cheeseburgers, I'm gonna go with pizza.

I order one pizza with pepperoni, 4 cheese and with yummy tomato sauce. - ArigatoKawaii

I hate cheeseburgers and burgers in general, so pizza. - Element119

Pizza - Trollsfan536

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11 Chocolate or Candy?

Chocolate, no doubt. Chocolate is the best. It's great plain, on cake, on ice cream, on cupcakes, on donuts, on pie, on waffles, on muffins and on everything basically.

Mint chocolate or dark chocolate cover fruit like strawberries or bananas. - Lucretia

How about chocolate candy? - Ku

Chocolate! - Sugarcubecorner

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12 Pizza Or Lasagna?

Depends on where the pizza is from. If the pizza is cheesy pizza, like the kinds at arcades and bowling allies, lasagna. If not, most likely pizza. - Ku

Oh god NO! The hardest question of all time! - IronSabbathPriest

My special pizza. I hate the cheese that's on the noodles on lasagna - Lucretia

Neither, to tell the truth, unless it is dessert pizza. - LAURENRL

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13 Carrots or Beans?

Well, I'm not a vegetable person. Above, it never specifies the type of beans. For all I know, it could be jelly beans. However, I'll go with carrots because my Guinea pig loves them. - Ku

Carrots, I hate beans. Carrots are underrated. - Turkeyasylum

Beans, even though I don't like them much. Carrots once made me sick when I was little and I can't stand to eat them ever now. - Element119

Beans all the way. - LAURENRL

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14 Pancakes or Waffles?

Pancakes. I'm tired of idiots saying waffles are "derpy" or "random." Pancakes are fluffier, anyway. - Ku

I like chocolate chip waffles and syrup pancakes, I'm going with pancakes even though chocolate is better than syrup.

Waffle-Pancakes. You can put whipping cream and everything on it. - AlphaQ tasty... - LAURENRL

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15 Would You Put Pickles On a Peanut-Butter Sandwich?

No, but not because of the pickles. It's because I hate peanut butter. I don't understand why everyone seems to like peanut butter but myself... - Element119

Peanut butter and pickles both smell bad but together, no. I hate peanut butters flavor as well and the smell of pickles. - Lucretia

No, Peanut butter sandwich is a wholesome meal in itself...Using pickles will just ruin it - Ananya

Definitely not. - LAURENRL

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16 Tacos or Burritos?

I hate Mexican food...but burritos are at least better than the atrocity of a food called tacos. - Element119

Tacos but if the taco has a hard shell ill go with burritos

It is a pretty hard choice, but I like tacos a little better. - GoldenRocket

Burritos, I once ordered a bean taco and they gave me a beef taco and I almost ate it at this one nasty little Mexican returant. - Lucretia

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17 Potato Chips Or Popcorn?

I love both, I always eat popcorn with extra butter and a huge coco cola every time I go to the movies but I love potato chips too... hm... I'm gonna go with... potato chips

Potato chips if they're plain or Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos. Otherwise, popcorn (unless it's caramel popcorn, which I hate). - Element119

If it's caramel popcorn, I choose popcorn (unless it's seaweed flavour chips). But if it's anything else, chips.

neither - LAURENRL

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18 Chinese or Indian?

Both are good ( If it's about Indian food then I'll specifically say - North Indian cuisine, and Chinese is over all great.) - Ananya

Chinese. I never tried Indian food, but most of them seem to include chili, and I don't like chili - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Indian is too spicy for me- wait Chinese is also spicy. Dang it.

Indian. I love their papadums - LAURENRL

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19 What is your favourite food?

Apple crumble - LAURENRL

My is Sausages - Sausagelover99

20 Oreos or Chips Ahoy?

Chips Ahoy, the cups with the Oreo just followed Chips Ahoy's road for the, - ArigatoKawaii

Oreo. Never really cared about Chips Ahoy. Oreo is my favorite snack - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Chips Ahoy. I'd choose Oreos without the nasty cream in the middle.

Both - Lunala

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21 Italian or Chinese?

Italian. Chinese food is good (and sometimes utterly bizarre, although I haven't tried the bizarre ones), but Italian food have pizza, my favorite food - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Italian. If it was Japanese instead of Chinese though, I'd choose Japanese. - Element119

Italian, I love pasta, pizza, gelato, and lasagne

Italian because I like their spaghetti - LAURENRL

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22 How much do you like food?

9/10 I eat it too much. But I'm still short and skinny. - AlphaQ

I am going to get fat soon if I eat to much I already weigh a lot, 98 pounds. - Lucretia

5/10. I mainly eat because I have to. - Element119

Food is da best - Lunala

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23 Oranges or Tangerines

Tangerines, love oranges too.

What's the ' difference. - FennikenFan9

Grapefruits. - Lucretia

Neither. - AutisticFangirl13

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24 Nachos or Enchiladas?

I've never had an enchilada so nachos! -Blue fang

The two best Mexican foods! But I choose nachos. - IronSabbathPriest

Enchiladas without meat - Lucretia

Nachos - Trollsfan536

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25 Tacos or Hamburgers?

Tacos, hamburgers are nasty and so is beef. - Lucretia

Both are awful to me. - Element119

Tacos - Trollsfan536


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26 Chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies?

Chocolate Chip, love chocolate chip. I love sugar cookies too but they're something special about chocolate chip, just made sugar cookies in school today though.

Chocolate chip cookies! My favorite flavor - Ananya

Chocolate chip cookies - Cartoonfan202

M&M cookies are good, my favorite, but I choose chocolate chip - Lucretia

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27 Would You Rather Be Allergic to Peanuts or Eggs?

Peanuts, I hate peanuts anyways, - Lucretia

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